Minister trashes ‘Chief’ Ndiweni credentials

Source: Minister trashes 'Chief' Ndiweni credentials | Daily News

BULAWAYO – Home Affairs and Culture Heritage minister Obert Mpofu is standing his ground in the chieftainship wrangle pitting two sons of the late Chief Khaisa Ndiweni.

Nhlanhlayemangwe Ndiweni, once based in the United Kingdom for about 40 years, returned home a few years ago to take over the chieftainship following his father’s death.

Chief Ndiweni is based in Ntabanzinduna, which falls under Umguza District where Mpofu is the Member of Parliament.

Mpofu insists that he is not the bona fide chief.

“I don’t know him (Nhlanhlayemangwe), we have never sat down and discussed.

“He was in UK also for 40 years but rushed back home to claim the chieftainship after he heard that his father had died.

“I think he is ill-advised. Chief Ndiweni should not fight with politicians if he is indeed a chief.

“But I view him as a political person,” said Mpofu.

“I think he is more political than traditional. He is a political animal as opposed to a traditional person.

“There should not be any reason why he should just issue statements attacking the senior member of the party.

“We know he has been hosting Mujuru (former vice president Joice), G40 and all the opposition parties. He is a political and traditional tyrant. He is not a chief.

“He has not been anointed. I got messages from the real chief, his brother Thambo, who is in the UK.

“He is already talking to the Chief’s Council to say he should not be entertained,” Mpofu told Southern News.

“He has been saying all sorts of things against me. As usual I don’t talk because I feel there are more important things than responding to minnows.

“I have nothing against him but he is an individual who has got his own agenda, a political agenda.

“If it was a traditional agenda, I would talk to him. I talk to Ndiweni’s son, Douglas, and the heir-apparent, Thambo,” he added.


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    Let the people of the area decide – ZANUPF and Mpofu should keep out of the squabble.
    Often these things sort themselves out without heavy handed corrupt government intervention

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    …that being the case, so is it the minister jurisdiction to determine who should be and not be a chief. Please minister with all due respect stay out of this issue…it defies logic to see you getting involved. Why not remove Charumbira who is on record of supporting ZanuPf. This is the reason why people are demanding change..this character of dictatorship has no place in new era

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    Hluzani 3 years ago

    Obert Mpofu is one hell of a confused cockroach Zimbabweans have ever known. He daydreams quite a lot. People should just not entertain this certified thief.

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    The Mind Boggles 3 years ago

    Traditional Chief, UK based ? The Mind Boggles