Mnangagwa issues press statement - Zimbabwe Situation

Mnangagwa issues press statement

Source: Mnangagwa issues press statement | The Zimbabwean

8.11.2017 15:05

My family was banished to Zambia

Auxillia Mnangagwa and her husband VP Emmerson Mnangagwa listen to Grace Mugabe speak. Photo: Courtesy of ANA

My family was banished to Zambia when I was still in primary school.

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    Fabian Dube 8 months

    To be honest ED , Mujurus , D Mutasa and all Zanu pf created the Mugabe on exhibition today. When it suited you all , he wasn’t/z yo God now all of a sudden you realise the monster you created. But this monster has feasted on innocent citizens remember the Matebeleland genocide which you all now deny yo have participated in moreless 200000 civilians.
    Since then people have continued to disappear and be brutallised . You wilfully participated and this proved that you did not fight for the whole of Zimbabweans. You fought for yourselves hence you created two classes of people namely 1st class ( yourselves) and us the povo who wait for the crumbs off your high table.
    It is very ironic that after hardly a day of yo firing you see what the mhlaba jikelele have been made experience’s and expressing. What z most painful z the way you treated people like Lookout Masuku, Dumiso Dabengwa Ndabaningi Sithole, Josiah Magama etc distinguished heroes of the liberation war.
    God has given you the opportunity to atone by taking you out of the cabalosome you tell the nation what Zanu has done. By your admission you worked tiressly to steal the rerun in 2008. I am sure you remember the statistics of the people who died.

    Now the bible says the blood of the dead cries from the ground so those innocent Zimbabweans you killed s blood cries to God . One thing I know Zanu will destroy itself because God ‘s time z here. We are told God avenges for His children .
    However its not too late to come clean and join the right side. I have too much to say but time z not on my side for I am on night shift in exile where you banished us.

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    harper 8 months

    Should we shed crocodile tears?

  • comment-avatar

    Ngwena has fallen from grace I believe !

  • comment-avatar

    grace mugabe is the new power hothouse in ZW – good luck comrades and fasten your seatbelts for the ride

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    Changa 8 months

    Yeah ED what goes round comes backs round. Remember you denied Morgan Tsvangirayi to be the President and you thought you were clever. We are very very happy about what happened to you. Test you own medicine mate.

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    el professori 8 months

    croc yu fear death alsoooooo!! “”!