‘Mnangagwa must face Gukurahundi music’

‘Mnangagwa must face Gukurahundi music’

‘Mnangagwa must face Gukurahundi music’

Source: ‘Mnangagwa must face Gukurahundi music’ | Newsday (News)

UNITED STATES-BASED opposition ZimFirst leader, Maxwell Zeb Shumba, yesterday said the recent expulsion of former Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa from both government and the ruling Zanu PF party had given Gukurahundi victims and the international community an opportunity to drag the beleaguered ex-VP to the dock and ask him to explain his role in the atrocities.


The State-sanctioned Gukurahundi massacres claimed over 20 000 lives in Matabeleland and Midlands provinces as then Prime Minister Robert Mugabe launched a crackdown on perceived PF-Zapu dissidents in the early 1980s.

Mnangagwa, who then was State Security minister, has denied involvement in the massacres, which Mugabe has described as “a moment of madness”.

“The sacking of ED (Mnangagwa) is to the ordinary Zimbabwean a signal to kick-start an intense process of accountability for the excesses of the ruling elite. Skeletons must be unearthed in the interest of accountability and nation building,” Shumba said.

He added: “Before he runs away to hide in whatever hole he may find, ED and his allies must account for the Gukurahundi atrocities.”

But another opposition leader Phillemon Machana of the Zimbabwe Transitional Alliance (ZiTA) seemed to suggest “forgiveness’ and acceptance for those who have fallen foul of Mugabe.

“The latest firing of VP Mnangagwa from government is clearly informed by nothing else except power entrenchment and creation of a Mugabe dynasty,” Machana said.

He said, while the internal discord in Zanu PF was a matter of a private club “ZiTA is, however, worried at the dictatorial tendencies that have in recent years been exhibited by the person of Mugabe in purging anything and anyone who sees things differently from him”.

“We do not hold any brief for the former VP, (but) we urge Zimbabweans to check mate this regime and collectively make sure Zanu PF is dumped come 2018. It is a chance for Zimbabweans to find each other and unite to create a formidable challenge to remove Mugabe’s tyranny.”
Machana said it was important that opposition parties and Zimbabweans opposed to Mugabe’s rule coalesce behind MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s candidature ahead of elections next year.
“Whatever issues we may have can be dealt with after Mugabe is gone and when our great nation has stabilised. The time is now, let us all unite and for now ignore intra and interparty differences. Every party including the sacked VP and war veterans must join into one big coalition to deal with this bedroom circus which is now affecting all of us. Zimbabwe is too great to be held hostage by a tired and aged individual,” he said.

‘Mnangagwa must face Gukurahundi music’ : NewsDay Zimbabwe.


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    Yes, Machana has a good point in focusing our energies on dislodging dictatorship first. However, that does not mean forgetting or forgiving the architects of all the atrocities perpetrated on any of our innocent people. Certainly not.It’s just about prioritizing & timing of the execution of what must come to pass. In fact, it will take much less efforts to deal with the guys, even more wholesomely, once dictatorship is kicked out of power.

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    i think we must be focussed.can this bring back the victims to life?if the shona people demand return of looting by lobengula/mzilikazi,can this build a nation?.this looting involved people being killed and being turned into slaves.i am kindly saying lets not dwell into past too much.lets think of the economy which is at rock bottom level.i beg you fellow comrades,lets be realistic and avoid confrontational historic issues which do not help us.killing of people is forbidden by God,but govts are created by God and authorised to kill if necessary.Sometimes we should let GOD decide for us.

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      Zion 8 months

      you are very crazy? who today witnessed what happened tduring Mzilikazi’s time? in any cae, that only affected people in Masvingo and midlands, not the zezurus. People were killed just recently, people we know. You cant say we can measure pre-civilisation things against time of supposed democracy? so in your thinking we must also forget 2000, 2004, murambatsvina and 2008 atrocities just because it was in the past? so what really need to be checked because everything judged will have happened in the past! If there is someone who saw his parents being killed by Lobengula, let him go and punish Lobengula. Its allowed. Those whose parents were murdered by Mugabe and Munangagwa want answers from Mugabe and Munangagwa…not from you or from Kaguvi.