Mnangagwa unhappy about Mugabe’s renewed involvement in politics

Mnangagwa unhappy about Mugabe’s renewed involvement in politics

Source: Mnangagwa unhappy about Mugabe’s renewed involvement in politics | Newsday (News)

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is gradually losing patience with his former boss Robert Mugabe as the latter becomes visible once again in politics

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is gradually losing patience with his former boss Robert Mugabe as the latter becomes visible once again in politics – a few months before high-stakes general elections.


But last month Mugabe met with African Union Commission chairman Moussa Faki and told him that he was toppled via a coup.

Since then he has openly opposed the Mnangagwa presidency‚ raising concern that the upcoming elections might not be free and fair.

What angered Mnangagwa this week is that Mugabe snubbed working with Zanu PF in its electoral campaign.

Instead he is rallying behind a new formation called New Patriotic Front (NPF) and has also had meetings with other opposition leaders.

Speaking at a Zanu PF meeting on Tuesday‚ Mnangagwa warned his former boss.

“With the former president there is an issue.

Currently we are not happy with what the media is saying.

It is an issue we are examining‚” Mnangagwa told Zanu PF’s youth league.

At the same rally‚ youth leader Pupurai Togarei said as the youth they would stop respecting Mugabe.

“Can someone try and talk to Mugabe? He must withdraw his behaviour and be responsible.

If he fails to respect the revolution‚ we will stop respecting him in future‚” he said before chanting anti Mugabe slogans.

Because of his latest political choices‚ Mugabe during his birthday party on February 24 told close friends and relatives that he was being persecuted via his wife Grace who spent every night crying.

On Wednesday‚ Mugabe made his first trip outside Zimbabwe this year and sources say he is in Pretoria.

Unlike in the past when he would commandeer the national flag carrier Air Zimbabwe‚ Mugabe flew business class with at most 12 aides.

In the past he would have traveled with a 70-strong entourage.

“The suspicion within Zanu PF is that Mugabe is in South Africa to meet up with stakeholders involved with the NPF project.

We understand NPF is seeking an alliance with some sections of the MDC T‚ [Joice] Mujuru’s National People’s Party (NPP) and other like-minded groups to dilute Zanu PF’s dominance‚” said a Zanu PF source.

This week the NPF wrote to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) informing the electoral body the party would be taking part in the general elections and so should also be included in programmes that involve political parties and the upcoming elections.

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  • comment-avatar
    Ndebele 3 years ago

    But if you read what ED said before – that Zanu will Restore Mugabe’s Legacy. That is the whole premise of the Coup – to Restore Mugabe’s Legacy? Is there a change of plan from ED? 100 days ago Mugabe was an Icon? ED must not have read about Napoleon Bonaparte did when when he banished to Elba?

    • comment-avatar
      Ndonga 3 years ago

      Come on Ndebele tell the youngsters among us what Napoleon did after he was banished to Elba in 1814.

      In my long past high school days in Amaveni, Kwe Kwe we had a very interesting and dedicated history teacher. He loved to tell us about how Napoleon rose from nothing to become a glorious French leader. In Napoleon’s early years as leader he defeated most of the other European countries in battle. But then he suspected that Russia and Britain were plotting against France and were joining as war allies to defeat him. He then with his glorious army marched on Russia but was, to everyone’s complete surprise, totally defeated. This defeat was not so much because of the gallantry of the Russian army, but due to the terrible hardships caused by a Russian winter. His once glorious army finally retreated back to France in tatters.

      Back home in Paris even his past close allies plotted against Napoleon, and with the help of an alliance of European nations forced him to abdicate as Emperor. In the end he was exiled to the island of Elba in April 1814 in total disgrace. However, while in Elba he plotted to return to power, and with the help of a few friends escaped from Elba and marched against Paris with a new army. There he took over the leadership of the French people yet again and was feted as a returning hero for 100 days. But then in June 1815 Napoleon led his French army against the British and Prussian armies at Waterloo in Belgium, and there he was comprehensively defeated and humiliated. He was later imprisoned to the lonely British Atlantic island of Saint Helena with a handful of his friends and servants, where he died in in 1821 in very suspicious circumstances.

      Yes, there are comparisons that can be drawn between Napoleon’s abdication in May 1814 and our Robert Mugabe’s resignation on 21 November 2017. And in our case for Elba we can read Blue Roof and for Napoleon’s glorious return to Paris after Elba we can read Mugabe’s trip to South Africa today, the 8 March 2018. All we need now is for Mugabe to continue rallying his old friends to his cause and we will soon be looking for a new and very isolated Wha Wha for our past “glorious” leader.

      Yes Ndebele, you are correct, I believe that only the foolish ignore the lessons of history…21 November 2017 to 8 March 2018 = 107 days…

  • comment-avatar
    Nyoni 3 years ago

    It would be very stupid for any of us to support a ruthless dictator who destroyed a beautiful country and people for his own grandisement. He made our country his own personal property and now cries foul.
    Personally the old man should simply retire and enjoy his fruitless old age.
    In other words HAMBA.

  • comment-avatar
    Ken Sharpe 3 years ago

    This is Ken Sharpe. Chairman of Augur and West Properties in Harare. My companies have concluded a number of important national projects including the airport road in Harare officially commissioned by the President Mugabe.
    The attacks on the democratically elected president Mugabe by an illicit Mnangawa cabal is a malicious and well calculated attack on our democracy!!
    Mnangagwa and his regime came to power as a result of a military coup, which is illegal and should be rejected by all Zimbabweans. We need to repent for our sinful ways and restore president Mugabe to his rightful place as a president of Zimbabwe and hold a free and fair elections.
    You article is damaging and not reflective of the truth therefore we reserve our rights.
    Ken Sharpe
    Augur Investments