Mnangagwa’s Twin Son Takes Delivery Of US$500k Rolls Royce

Source: Mnangagwa’s Twin Son Takes Delivery Of US$500k Rolls Royce – Lite News by Pindula

Expensive taste … President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s son Sean driving away in Rolls Royce

Sean Mnangagwa, one of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s twin sons has been spotted driving an expensive Rolls Royce.

Pictures emerged on Sunday of Sean – a soldier – apparently collecting the expensive vehicle from a bonded warehouse at the Boka Tobacco Auction Floors.

The US$360 000 car is believed to have been imported from South Africa. Including customs duty, the Rolls Royce Dawn would have cost in excess of US$500 000.

An associate of Sean on Sunday told ZimLive that the vehicle was not his, claiming instead that its owner is the gold dealer Pedzai “Scott” Sakupwanya.

The person, however, could not explain why Mnangagwa’s son went to collect the car.

Sean and his twin brother, Collins, have been linked to tender corruption involving the procurement of medical supplies which led to the arrest and removal from office of former health minister Obadiah Moyo, claims which they have denied.


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    Nyoni 1 year ago

    The more corrupt one gets , the more fatter they look. 

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    harper 1 year ago

    When one of Chidzero’s sons came home with a “gift” of a fancy American car I was asked to assist in returning the car to the “generous” dealer. It would appear that when Chidzero was resistant to blandishments and bribes the coruptors picked on his sons. I wonder……..

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    Papa 1 year ago

    How is it that the guy is a soldier?

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    IS the President’s son aware of the financial state of the majority of Zimbabweans, many of whom cannot afford rent of a proper house and have to live under plastic shelters in any place they can find?
    I do not begrudge anyone enjoying the fruits of his labour, so long as they remember that Jesus told us to “clothe the poor, feed the hungry, heal the sick and care for widows and orphans.

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    Dr Ace Mukadota PhD 1 year ago

    Sean Mnangagwa – is obviously a top busnessman comrades. I presume he completes his ZW tax returns and therefore pays plenty of income tax to the ZW govt.?