Mphoko demands US$308k pension

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FORMER Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko yesterday filed an application for declarator at the Bulawayo High Court seeking an order declaring the withholding of his pension by the government illegal and unconstitutional.

In his application, Mphoko, represented by Zibusiso Ncube, cited Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Misheck Sibanda, Civil Service Commission secretary Jonathan Wutaunashe, Salary Service Bureau paymaster Brighton Chuzingo and Civil Service Commission director of pensions, one K Makiwa as first to fourth respondents.

In his founding affidavit, Mphoko submitted that he joined the civil service in October 1981 and served as Zimbabwe’s envoy to various countries.

“On December 10, 2014, I was appointed to the position of Vice-President of the country, a position I held until I was removed from office in November 2017,” he submitted.

“In terms of section 102(3) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, I am entitled to a pension which is equivalent to the salary of a sitting Vice-President. From the time I left office, I have not received a single dime in respect of my pension. The current Vice-President receives a monthly salary of approximately US$14 000 or the equivalent at the previous interbank rate. This, therefore, means that to date, the arrears are in the sum of US$308 000 or the equivalent at the prevailing interbank rate. Neither have I received any of my benefits.”

Mphoko submitted that there is no lawful reason why the pension is being withheld. He said he engaged Sibanda’s office to assist in the matter, but he has not found any relief.

“In fact, I was being tossed from pillar to post seemingly with no one prepared to deal with the issue,” he submitted.

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    njalo 1 year ago

    PENSIONERS, resident and non-resident in Zimbabwe, are denied their rights to the pensions awarded them by their former employers.

    I just wonder if “ZANU’s War Vets” are treated as badly.

    It is possible that foreign observers are aware of this sad failure on the part of The Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe and are therefore not impressed, nor are they bluffed by the grandiose statements emanating from the ZANU-PF spokespersons like Simon Khaya Moyo.

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    ace mukadota 1 year ago

    USD is illegal in ZW today Comrade Mphoko – you must learn to wake up old man.

  • comment-avatar
    dumo 1 year ago

    A lot of civil servants were not given their pension money including myself. What is so special with you. You were part of the team that looted the money. Where do you think that money will come from. You left the treasury empty. This is crazy.

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    Ndonga 1 year ago

    In my work travels in the UK I have met many ex Zimbabwe Government pensioners who have not had a cent of their Zimbabwe pensions for many, many years.

    Pensions that they faithfully contributed to throughout their many years of low paid Government employment in Zimbabwe.

    I even met an elderly married couple who were GMOs in a rural area of Zimbabwe for nearly thirty years and are now living in complete poverty but are only surviving on handouts from friends and relatives in the UK.

    How degrading after sacrificing their working lives for the sick and poor rural people of Zimbabwe.

    Now tell me what that over fed face and hungry lipped Phelekezela Mphoko did for Zimbabwe, apart from bleeding it dry like all the many other ZANU PF thieves…including their Thief in Charge who has just been pushed under mother earth…and that after a lot of pushing, shoving and grandstanding by his Second in Command Thief, Greedy Grace…