Mugabe ‘apologises’ to Mujuru

Source: Mugabe ‘apologises’ to Mujuru | Newsday (News)

FORMER President Robert Mugabe met National People’s Party leader Joice Mujuru on Tuesday reportedly to apologise for firing her as his deputy in both government and Zanu PF after the ruling party’s 2014 congress.


Mujuru’s spokesperson Gift Nyandoro confirmed the two met at Mugabe’s Blue Roof mansion in Borrowdale Brooke at the request of the 93-year-old veteran politician.

He claimed Mugabe washed his hands and blamed President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his deputy, Constantino Chiwenga, for being behind the hounding of Mujuru out of Zanu PF.

“They met and it was at Mugabe’s invitation. One of the reasons was to say sorry for everything that happened to you,” Nyandoro said.

“I was misinformed and I decided to call you so that I can say I’m sorry, my daughter, we were misled. I have come to know that all the people who were fighting you are Mnangagwa and Chiwenga. It was a grand plan to get to me and not yourself.”

He said Mujuru then reiterated to Mugabe that: “Baba (father), I told you that I had nothing against you. All these people were fighting me simply because they wanted to expose you and get rid of you.”

Nyandoro said Mujuru told Mugabe that she had long forgiven him.

“She long forgave him and told Mugabe that revenge is for God. So they met and Mugabe wanted to proffer his apology,” he said.

Former First Lady Grace Mugabe and the 93-year-old leader launched a vicious campaign against Mujuru in 2014. The duo accused her of trying to kill Mugabe using assassins and supernatural powers.

They also accused her of massive corruption, but never hauled her before the courts.


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    Ndonga 2 years ago

    Zimbabwe must the the world’s capital of Dirty Politics.

    Can you just picture Mugabe, lying as usual, telling Mujuru that it was not him that sacked her, but others?

    Does that old fool think that we were all asleep when his crazed wife rampaged throughout Zimbabwe like a street woman, defaming, cursing and blaming Mujuru at every step of her way?

    Well we all know for sure that it was his wife that did that dirty name calling, hounding and finally the sacking of Mujuru. And of course she did this with Mugabe’s full blessings.

    And then have a look at Mujuru sitting there listening to all these blue lies.

    And then she has the cheek to lie, saying, “Baba, I told you that I had nothing against you. All these people were fighting me simply because they wanted to expose you and get rid of you.”

    When will we have real, decent and honest people to lead us out of this mess?…

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    Do we need a daily dose of “THE CRIMINAL MAGABE FAMILY”.

    The world is watching this bunch of thugs trying to whitewash there criminal past and present.

    Sort out the voters’ roll and destroy voter registration information collected by chiefs who are ZANU-PF sycophants.

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    grandfather seat down you don’t⛔ have story