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‘Mugabe was unrepentant’

Source: ‘Mugabe was unrepentant’ | The Standard (Local News)

THE Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (Zpra) Veterans’ Association has described former president Robert Mugabe as unrepentant after he died without addressing the Gukurahundi massacres.

Mugabe died in Singapore on September 6, aged 95.

His early years in power were marred by a military crackdown against late vice-president Joshua Nkomo’s supporters in Matabeleland and Midlands provinces, where human rights groups say
at least 20 000 people were killed.

Zpra Veterans Association spokesperson Buster Magwizi said Mugabe’s intention was to wipe out Ndebele-speaking people.

“We hear people are mourning Mugabe’s death, but we ask ourselves, who is mourning thousands of people he wantonly killed,” he said.

“Mugabe sinned against many people in Africa. Whatever the violence we see being committed by Africans against Africans was caused by Mugabe.” —SILAS NKALA

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    Mukanya 1 month ago

    True! He died without apologizing for the genocide.