Mugabe’s family breathes fire

Source: Mugabe’s family breathes fire | The Standard (Local News)


Former president Robert Mugabe’s family says his health deteriorated after he was overthrown in a military coup in 2017 and he never forgave those behind his outster.

Mugabe, who died aged 95 at a Singapore hospital on Friday, was forced to resign after he was put under house arrest by the military, which also took over government institutions.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa last month said his predecessor had been detained at a Singapore medically facility since April.

The former ruler’s nephew who is the family spokesperson told The Standard in Zvimba, Mugabe’s rural home, yesterday that his uncle died a bitter man.

“He died a very bitter man,” he said. “Imagine the people that are guarding you that you trusted the most turn against you.

“They have dented his legacy; it was not an easy thing.”

The former Zanu PF MP said Mugabe never recovered from the effects of the coup and was very bitter until his last days.

“We tried to cheer him up after the November coup, but he was very angry and did not change,” he added.

“He wanted to hand over power two weeks before the coup but was not afforded the chance to do that and his health took a nose dive.”

He said no one ever sought forgiveness from Mugabe after the coup and there was no chance to reconcile the warring parties.

Army generals led by then commander Constantine Chiwenga moved to dislodge Mugabe after he fired Mnangagwa at the height of a bitter succession battle in Zanu PF.

One of the reasons the generals gave was that Mugabe was purging war veterans and Zanu PF was in danger of losing elections the following year.

Mnangagwa, who had a brief stint in exile in neighbouring South Africa returned to take over the reins in both Zanu PF and government.

During his 94 birthday celebrations in Harare last year, Mugabe described Mnangagwa’s government as his tormentors.

“At some point, you can forgive someone who came to you and say ‘I wronged you’, but how can you forgive someone who did not come to you and tell you that he wronged you,” Leo said.

In a subtle dig on Mnangagwa’s government, Mugabe’s nephew said the long-time ruler was not to blame for violence that had blighted his legacy. He said those behind the violence were still in charge.

“He was never violent,” Leo added. “The architects of violence are still there.

“There are people who do violence in the name of the president and that does not mean the president consented to it. It was never him.”

Mugabe’s family reportedly held a meeting in Zvimba on Friday where they are allegedly resolved that Defence minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri and her deputy Victor Matemadanda would not be allowed at his funeral.

Muchinguri-Kashiri accused Mugabe of being a sell-out in the aftermath of the coup and the former president’s family members said he never forgave her.

Meanwhile, several Zanu PF officials and businesspeople among them Justice minister Ziyambi Ziyambi, Zvimba South MP Philip Chiyangwa, Provincial Affairs minister Mary Mliswa and former Senate president Edna Madzongwe were in Zvimba yesterday to convey their condolences.

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    Flick 5 months ago

    What a load of utter rubbish !!! Pray tell me what legacy (suggesting something good) mugabe has left behind and to say he was never violent or consented to violence is, to say the very least, a joke.

    • comment-avatar
      Mapingu 5 months ago

      It cant be described any better than that: Load of utter rubbish indeed. So, Leo’s uncle died waiting for any apology “sorry I wronged you” from all and sundry. It never dawned to him that it was the generality of Zimbabweans who deserved those words from him more than he deserved them from anyone. What a selfish, cruel and corrupt dictator! It was all about him & no one else. nxaaaa!!!!

    • comment-avatar
      Manyevere Andrew 4 months ago

      Response: it’s your view no problem why do you want rubbishy everybody except yourselves? Why and why? These comments are no campaign but views as shared by the ordinary. Why invite view when you do not mean it. Right or wrong those are views as they stand
      Zimbabwe is and should be bigger than individual names. It comprise almost 25million today among its population. Irrespective none dhould begin talking of best intended leadership with half the population out of the country. What makes ysblind to obvious facts? Greedy? Just blind ambition for what though. Many hope government will be established that answer to people not outside influence in the name of Chimurenga. We have passed that stage. Let’s talk of good governance, human rights respect and a functional judiciary system redeeming social justice that has been in darkness under too many slogans and assertions of emptiness. Economy has finally responded andno correction can be done without being honest to eradicating syndicates of corrupt appendages who answer to western nation claiming they represent Chimurenga. What a distortion the country needs a fresh new beginning with people willing to be simple on simple eco mic’s of demand and supply than theories of benefactors intending to milk the nation for personal gain. This is where leadership did not exist in the country for the last forty years. Spitting radicalism is school children mentality. Maturity calls for  governance committees that share values and weigh out comes in the national interest. How can we define national interest in a Zimbabwe of Mugabe Mnangangwa: Chiwenga. The nation was subservient to individuals that controlled the army, the heart of corruption. Army was not intending on corruption but lack of management prowess led them into roads of short cuts. Ladies and gentlemen let’s collectively define national interest and safe guard it. Hero acreages nor properties acquired other than salaries worked for transparently should go back to making the fiscal budget better and reduce inflationary causes. Let’s go to simple economics and put right our economy increase employment and create industry for the country. The army needs be professional and engendered into that pride. We have economic liberation phase of our struggle to achieve total independence. People need go back to fear of Hod not create gods in leadership hence corruption besetting is while we watch. Let’s take ourselves out of none accountable to accountable government tuning on three legs of government: legislature, judiciary and the Exevutive branch. It is important that we reduce individuals power into institutional frameworks that works easy for accountability. People ought to be hurried at their relatives homes to discount feeling of eminence. The liberation struggle was for equitable distribution of land not for the dead but for all. It is sad to die but we do not want encouraging battles with the dead forgetting the living. Citizen education is required so they know differences between privilege and rights of citizens. We cannot talk of theoretical equality she actually we are subscribing to the doctrine of others are more important than others. We should never have fought the struggle then if it was a benchmark of discrimination. We need encourage church pastors who observe against injustice and emphasis the love the bible teaches about. We need reverse this doctrine of fighting for individual eminence. And agree on national interest framework. Look back in the past and take good formulas it’s not difficult to work through. Let’s go back to basics in good governance and strengthen social justice on ethics of rule of law.

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    Dave Scott 4 months ago

    We had the chance to eliminate this despicable savage in 1979 in Maputo but the British scumbags sold us out andvtold him our plan. Unfortunately we didn’t eliminate enough of the top brass in these two terrorist organizations but my God did we do a good job at keeping these thieving scum from stealing and destroying our country, we tried but the international community let us down! May his sole rot in hell and may all his despicable family members who plundered pillaged and looted be brought to justice and hung forbtheir treasonous crimes against humanity.

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    John Madzima 4 months ago

    If you think the struggle is over because Migabe is gone you are wasting your energy,will take over fromwhere he left off.If still want a place in Zimbabwe with that mentality sorry you will leave in a hurry,without even your suitcase of under garments.