Mutare City Council to hike tariffs

Source: Mutare City Council to hike tariffs | Daily News

MUTARE – Mutare City Council (MCC) has proposed to hike tariffs across the board in 2019, according to a schedule seen by the Daily News.

In the draft tariff increases accommodation in areas such as Greenside Palmerstone, Avenues and Murambi will rise from $12 monthly to between $20 and $30 respectively.

The hike in tariffs comes as some residents in some suburbs in Mutare do open defecation as toilets are dilapidated forcing people to use the bush or their gardens.

“Tenants in Chipunza and Murapa areas as well as those living at the Matida hostels and blockyard will have to fork out $30 and $21 respectively from $4 per month for rentals.

“Monthly water charges for peri-urban between 0-5,99 cubic metres will rise to 25 cents from 20 cents. Annual shop licence fees will rise from $450 to between $500 and $1 500 depending on the size.

“Maternity fees for patients booked at council hospitals and clinics goes up from $25 to $35 while those unbooked for maternity will have to pay $50 up from $40,” read part of the proposed tariff hike.

The proposed tariff hike has also suggested that patients who deliver babies at council facilities but were registered elsewhere will have to pay $150 up from $25.

In the intended tariff hike having a single wound dressing would cost $10 from $3 while for ambulances services, patients have to pay $20 from $10.

“Administration fees for market corner shops have been proposed to go up to $50 from $20 in high density areas.

Tombstone manufacturers will be expected to pay $500 from $100 while travel agents, Internet providers and driving school premises will be made to pay between $500 and
$900, up from $200 and $300,” part of the proposed tariff hikes said.


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    As the mabondi becomes the new ZW dollar we will see more and more price increases right across ZW comrades.
    Greshams Law has been proved correct where bad money ( mabondi or zollars or zimbollars) drives out good money ( USD or Yousaaas !)