Net closing in on profiteers and economic saboteurs

Source: Net closing in on profiteers and economic saboteurs | Herald (Africa)

Minister Mathema

Victor Maphosa Herald Correspondent
The days of economic saboteurs and profiteers are numbered as Government will soon be implementing strategies to ensure those involved are dealt with decisively. Speaking during the Zimbabwe Republic Police’s 36th graduation ceremony held in Harare yesterday, Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister Cain Mathema said the net is closing in on all unscrupulous individuals who are derailing Government’s economic reforms.

He said Government and his Ministry, have noted with much indignation the rise in economic crimes which have become a threat to the socio-economic development.

Economic saboteurs have in recent times thronged streets causing exchange rate distortions through unscrupulous money-spinning ventures and illicit manipulation of the exchange rate.

“As a Ministry, we are aware that these are just puppets in a circus and wish to stress that the net is closing in on the puppeteers, it is a bare fact that all these illegal financial dealings are meant to cripple Government operations for selfish gain,” he said.

“I thus wish to unequivocally state that as Government, we will soon be implementing comprehensive strategies that will ensure that all unscrupulous individuals involved in these unlawful dealings are dealt with decisively.

“Similarly, I wish to warn those engaging in the practice of hiking prices unashamedly in an attempt to derail Government’s economic reforms, that they should correct their ways and put the interests of the nation first,” Minister Mathema said.

He appealed to the nation to uphold the spirit of Ubuntu which he said defines Africans.

“As Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage, allow me also to appeal to our moral and cultural uprightness as well as the spirit of Ubuntu which defines who we are as Africans. If anything, as Africans and Zimbabweans we are a communal society whose moral spine and fabric should mirror the dictates of the social contract, may we therefore consider the full bearing of our actions,” he said.

He urged the force to provide a conducive environment that will see the achievement of Vision 2030.

“As Government works tirelessly towards the attainment of Vision 2030, the role of the police in guaranteeing a stable environment conducive for business cannot be overemphasised.

“As the nation journeys towards Vision 2030, Government is committed to fostering and strengthening a peaceful, safe, secure and prosperous Zimbabwe. In that regard and as the nation’s security pillar, I urge you to keep on strengthening the synergies permeating among you as security services.”


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    yadda, yadda, yadda, blah, blah, puppeteers, etc, etc… for 39 years. Look no further than the Cabinet and Parliament as per normal. There is no, and never will be, an appetite to arrest and convict the corrupt.

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    Saddened 11 months ago

    Put in place a proper strategy, stop corruption and state terror, the market will then sort it self out. You cannot regulate the economy by threats. More ZANU PF claptrap blame everyone but themselves. They created this situation, they stole all the money (twice), they created this terrible inflation. They all of a sudden start increasing the price of raw material and then want to producers to drop their prices. Economic ignorance………