New boarding school for Chegutu

Source: New boarding school for Chegutu | Sunday Mail (Local News)

Sunday Mail Correspondent

A well-equipped boarding school for disadvantaged learners, which was constructed by Direct Aid, a non-governmental organisation, is set to benefit communities in Chegutu.

The primary school, once registered and commissioned by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, will see the enrolled learners getting clothes, shelter, food and transport at the expense of the organisation.

Speaking at a familiarisation tour of the school, Direct Aid’s country director Mr Lyes Alem said:

“This is Jinks Town Primary School and we have approximately 18 units in sight. We started constructing the school in 2017. It  is a boarding school and we are expecting to bring in 100 boys and with time we are going to add more students, so, maybe in the next year, we are going to add another 100.

“The project is already finished and we are asking the authorities, especially the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, to open this school. We had initially planned to open at the beginning of the year but because of the lockdown and the procedures we have delayed.”

The organisation, he said, had so far built three primary schools in Chegutu, Chinyika and Mvurwi to assist disadvantaged learners.

It has also assisted over 3 000 learners to finish their O’ level studies and sponsored over 300 to further their education at university level. Direct Aid has also drilled over 400 boreholes across the country and has developmental programmes in vulnerable communities, where they donate start-up cattle, goats and sewing machines.