NEW:  Invictus begins seismic survey on Muzarabani project 

Source: NEW:  Invictus begins seismic survey on Muzarabani project  | Sunday Mail (Local News)

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Australian oil and gas exploration firm, Invictus Energy, has commenced seismic data collection for its Muzarabani project in order to identify the best spots to drill exploration wells.

Seismic data study in oil and gas exploration refers to the process of using high-tech equipment to listen to underground sound vibrations in order to determine the existence of hydro-carbons.

Posting a video on Twitter early on Wednesday, Invictus Energy said it had deployed polaris vibroseis machines for seismic data collection.

“Vibroseis units in action in the field last week with the seismic data acquisition campaign advancing well,” reads the tweet.

Exploratory wells are required to determine whether underground domes and traps have trapped organic matter that decomposes into to gas and oil.