No dualisation for Beitbridge-Chirundu highway, says Govt

Source: No dualisation for Beitbridge-Chirundu highway, says Govt | Daily News

HARARE – Government will no longer dualise the entire 900km highway from Beitbridge to Chirundu but will just widen the busy highway.

The Information ministry said feasibility studies have indicated that the complete dualisation of the highway is not viable because traffic volumes are not sufficient for the project to recoup its costs. It said the entire highway would require 6 000 vehicles daily, paying toll fees at each of the seven tollgates, which is impossible.

“Presently, traffic on the Beitbridge-Masvingo-Harare Highway is about 2 600 vehicles per day while on the Harare-Chirundu Highway it’s 1 040 vehicles per day. In light of this, the best course of action is to widen most parts of the road.

“Dualisation will be carried out as one enters and exits towns in order to manage congestion.

“The dualisation would be 10km on both sides of the towns. On the Harare-Chirundu highway, work will be carried out to straighten some of the curves,” the statement said.

This comes after government withdrew a tender awarded to an Austrian company, Geiger International.