No to tribalism, regionalism and indiscipline — President

Source: No to tribalism, regionalism and indiscipline — President | Herald (Top Stories)

President Mnangagwa tables the Central Committee report during the official opening of the Zanu PF National Annual People’s Conference in Bindura yesterday

Joseph Madzimure in Bindura

ZANU PF President and First Secretary Cde Mnangagwa has urged party members to abide by the party Constitution and ensure unity of purpose saying tribalism, regionalism, and corruption have no place in the revolutionary party.

Addressing delegates at the 19th Zanu-PF National Annual People’s Conference in Bindura yesterday, President Mnangagwa warned some party members against indiscipline.

“The restructuring exercise to rejuvenate and modernise the party is underway. I congratulate all structures for embarking on this very important exercise and urge you to finalise all outstanding processes. This will enhance unity within the party and accelerate the implementation of party policies and programmes,” said President Mnangagwa

President Mnangagwa said it was regrettable that a few members lack discipline, promote disunity and exhibit unbridled ambitions.

“This behaviour is alien to Zanu PF and must stop forthwith. As loyal and disciplined members, we should always abide by the rules, procedures, regulations, of the party.. Relatedly, tribalism, regionalism, chicanery and corruption have no place in our colossal mass party” he said.

President Mnangagwa said the conviction of the party, under the Second Republic is that national development must be achieved leaving no-one and no place behind.

“Accordingly, we are successfully steering the course towards modernising, industrialising and growing our economy. The success we continue to achieve is evident for all honest and progressive minded persons.”

With regards to capacitating the youth in politics and governance, the President said the party will be strictly enforcing the maximum age limit of 35 years, for the Youth league members.

He said growing an ideologically grounded and capacitated youth cadreship base remains the party’ s focus.

The President told delegates that national executive members of the youth league who have graduated from the league will become ex-officio members of the Central Committee for a limited period.

At the national level ,he said 10 reserved seats will be created for youth representation in the National Assembly, drawn from each province.

By the same token, he said the party and Government remain unwavering in the drive to economically empower women through financing facilities within the Women’s Bank and Small and Medium Enterprises Development Cooperation. He said the period of the reserved seats for women in the National Assembly has been extended, while proportional representation seats will be created within Local Authorities for women councillors.

“It is indeed women who are best placed to advance the delivery of quality social services within our communities such as water, sanitation, clinics, schools, and roads among other amenities,” said the President.

Gender based violence and harmful practices against women and the abuse of children, he said, have no place in the Second Republic.

Various initiatives have been implemented to improve the dignity, welfare and economic empowerment of veterans of the liberation struggle and departments of the heroes.

The President also challenged the league of the veterans of the liberation struggle and its directorate to continue playing a key part in not only protecting the gains of the liberation struggle but to also promote the realisation of Vision 2030.

He said their rich ideological grounding should galvanise the principle of patriotism in the hearts and minds of cadres and embolden them in their efforts to ensure that Zanu PF remains the party of choice, which wholeheartedly serves the people.


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    Nyoni 4 weeks ago

    40 years and counting with this baloney talk over and over again. MaHerald ,the mouthpiece of corruption ,continues to spew complete fabrication of lies . ZanuPF has always being against the people . They have divided and ruled by thuggery and continue to do so. This thuggery goes on and on and yet the World at large says nothing. What will it take to get their attention !!

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    Charamba 4 weeks ago

    tell that to gukurahundi victims