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Nyaradzo launches Sahwira International Plan

Source: Nyaradzo launches Sahwira International Plan | Daily News

HARARE – Diversified insurance group, Nyaradzo Life Assurance Company has launched a funeral policy called Sahwira International Plan (Sip) meant for Zimbabweans in the Diaspora.

Sahwira International Plan, which Nyaradzo chief executive Philip Mataranyika has described as a “solution and not a product,” will guarantee several benefits which include a coffin with a hermetic seal suitable for international transportation, removal from place of death to mortuary, international embalming and body preparation and repatriation to Zimbabwe.

Additionally, the pioneering funeral plan, which covers the principal member, spouse and children under the age of 23 based in foreign countries who wish to be repatriated to Zimbabwe, also includes a grocery allowance.

According to Mataranyika, once in Zimbabwe the Sip policy will guarantee several benefits.

“Provision of chapel services where chapel is available; hearse to place of burial within Zimbabwe; provision of a casket commensurate with the chosen plan; bus transport (depending on the plan type) for mourners from place of mourning to place of burial in Zimbabwe using the shortest possible route, subject to accessibility of the roads; graveside equipment; provision of a 200-seater tent; chairs and two portable toilets at one chosen location for two nights,” said the Nyaradzo chief executive.

He added that there will also be optional benefits that will accrue in Zimbabwe dependent on the plan chosen by the policy which include accommodation and a vehicle to use for seven-day period as well as two return air tickets from wherever they are in the world to Zimbabwe.

“A fully furnished self-catering two bedroomed apartment for seven days with paid TV channels, water tanks for guaranteed water supply and back-up power… and a provision of a double cab vehicle for seven days,” said Mataranyika.

The Nyaradzo chief executive has described the Sahwira International Plan (SIP) as yet another proof of Nyaradzo’s tradition of pioneering solutions.

“We were the first organisation to introduce buses as a benefit on a funeral policy and now this is a standard within the industry.

“Any player who wants to enter the market cannot be taken seriously without the capacity to provide mourners with transport.

“We introduced mobile equipment which has served our customers well.

We are proud to have taken bold steps to introduce these secret ingredients to good service provision because even customers that do not subscribe to our policies now have the opportunity to benefit from these assets,” he said, adding that Nyaradzo has launched the Sip in keeping with his company’s vision of becoming the preferred provider of total insurance risk and events management solutions.

Interested Zimbabweans based in the Diaspora can apply for the Sip on the Nyaradzo website.

“I am excited to inform you that we have embarked on a digitisation programme which will fully automate our processes and bring us to first world standards in terms of the way in which we do business . . . Sip will be a major beneficiary of the shift to a digital Nyaradzo.

‘This thrust will also allow the Diaspora market to relate to the product and in turn make it easier to market it to people who favour the functionality of technology and globalisation.

“The effects of digitisation are hard to ignore and it is our hope that the local market will be able to interact with the Nyaradzo brand digitally in the near future,” Mataranyika said.



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    mukanya 8 months ago

    How much is the monthly rate for such a funeral service for people in the diaspora?

  • comment-avatar
    Daisy 8 months ago

    How much policy
    What do they cover

  • comment-avatar
    Annie Muzungu 5 months ago

    How much per month

  • comment-avatar
    Shoko 5 months ago

    How much joining fee,and monthly payments

  • comment-avatar
    Lucky 4 weeks ago

    I have a Policy with Nyaradzo back home in Zimbabwe. I want to find out if in the diaspora does Nyaradzo do Policies for burial within countries where Zimbabweans are based or it’s just for repatriation?