Opposition parties call for peace

Source: Opposition parties call for peace | Daily News

HARARE – Political parties have urged the MDC Alliance and other aggrieved political parties to accept the poll results for the purposes of peace to prevail in the country.

The Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance has refused to accept the poll results, arguing that besides the uneven electoral playing field, the poll result was rigged.

As if that is not enough, the Alliance has been preparing to mount a court challenge on the poll outcome.

Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters (ZEFF) president Innocent Ndibali — who was the only opposition leader from Zimbabwe to be invited to the Fifth EFF Anniversary in South Africa last week — led the call for peace.

“Today we find ourselves once again with challenges which come with holding of elections in our country,” Ndibali said.

“As much as we congratulate the winners of the just-ended elections which included the local authority, house of assembly representatives and the presidency, we also need to acknowledge that the elections were not free and fair,” Ndibali said.

“But above all, we call upon the winners and losers to accept the outcome of the elections so that our country remains peaceful and calm.

“This will help in building a united country and societies.

“Our country does not need violence, we condemn all forms of violence conducted either by the State or the protesters.

“People must not show their anger through engaging in hooliganism, vandalism, looting or inciting violence and shooting at protesters.

“We all need one another for a prosperous Zimbabwe. We need people to respect one another and accept living together despite having divergent political views,” he said.

Democratic Opposition Party (DOP) president Harry Wilson who was one of the losing presidential candidates in the just ended plebiscite also called for peace in the country.

“Elections in many African countries have usually been characterised by violence and anarchy and Zimbabwe has for the past two decades fallen into that trap,” Wilson said.

“I am one of those who were contesting for the president and I lost, losing has never been easy.

“It’s a bitter pill to swallow but as leaders we should accept the fate for the sake of peace.

“Of course, the ruling party Zanu PF might have used its position of being the incumbent to influence the poll outcome, but we need to move on as a nation and build our country in a peaceful way.”

Wilson also criticised the recent shooting in Harare that left seven people dead, arguing it should never happen in a peaceful country like Zimbabwe.

“Such incidents have no place in Zimbabwe, that’s the worst treatment we have ever got from our government when dealing with crowd trouble, we can’t tolerate that.

“Those are the things that provoke peace when those in power think they are bringing order,” he said.


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    Constance gwasira 3 years ago

    If you lost the election and you are satisfied that you lost that’s fine by you but do not tell others what to do .Maiwe makaiswa nezanu imi.So quick to say nonsense.tibvirei APA.Nero achaita sekuda kwake.Go Nero Go.Praying for you.Mwari haanyadzisi anotaura chokwadi.The truth will make you free.manyepo nekubira zvinemagumo.Kudaidzwa n.a. MacLean kwakutoti vane simba.Why cant male a fight his own battles in his country which is one of the dangerous places to go.Akutarisa Zimbabwe why.Malema is an ediot semi mese,Leave Nero alone anepfungwa dzakewo