Overhaul of civil service proposed

Overhaul of civil service proposed

Source: Overhaul of civil service proposed | Newsday (News)

DEPUTY Finance minister Terence Mukupe has proposed an overhaul of the civil service to get rid of deadwood and enable the country to realise its full potential through efficient service delivery.


In a message posted on his Facebook wall, which he later confirmed as authentic, Mukupe said several civil servants had outlived their usefulness just like former President Robert Mugabe and urgently required replacement by young blood.

“We have to destroy this country before we can have any form of radical economic transformation. Almost everything I look at in our country needs to be retired like Mugabe before we can really seriously take this country to where it should be,” he said.

“Starting with civil service reform, too many long-serving civil servants that need to be retired. We need to let others with fresh ideas, the right level of maturity and who can match the energy of our President EDM [Emmerson Mnangagwa] be given the space to thrive!!!,” he added.

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    Nyoni 3 years ago

    You will need to have a civil service as efficient as in 1980. In other words people of all races tribes etc must be included in any restructuring. Only people with impeccable records must be employed no more bandits.

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    Gwenyambira 3 years ago

    In fact, there is no civil service in Zimbabwe. They are all quasi politicians waiting in the wings for an opening to run for public office.

    You cannot have a civil servant who spends more time at his farm while on govt payroll, neglecting important govt business, yet they stop everything else to attend conferences and foreign trips.

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    mukupe has misfired he is clandestinely attacking ED’s administration which is full of dead wood and is supporting chamisa mukupe come open tell ED and his team to give young persons a chance and be examplary. How old are yu mukupe? Are you aware of the retirement age of a civil servant? 65 if yu do not know. As an economist talk abaut growing the economy so that jobs are created for the jobless youth.Civil service rationalization means the increase in taxes which affect the whole population. think before vommiting mukupe ED should fire yu usless baboon