Pamushana High School posts impressive A’Level results

Source: Pamushana High School posts impressive A’Level results | The Standard (Local News)

Bikita’s Pamushana High School produced 71 students who scored the highest required 15 points and above according to the 2018 November A’Level examination results released by the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council last week.

By Everson Mushava

The best student attained 29 points for the six subjects he sat for.

Of the 71, eight attained 25 points and above, 13 got between 20 and 24 while 50 scored between 15 and 19 points. Fifty of the students were studying science subjects. A total of 134 pupils sat for the examinations.

Johnson Madhuku, who served as the head for the past 23 years before leaving the school last September after he was voted Bikita East MP (Zanu PF), said the results were “my perfect send-off to Parliament.”

“This was a perfect send-off to Parliament that the teachers and students gave me. I am humbled. After having worked at the school for the past 23 years, the graph has been improving yearly.”

Madhuku added: “Naturally, I am excited. The Lord has been very gracious to me. This was not because of my own brilliance, but God had a hand in it. I managed to leave a legacy, not only in academics but even in sport. No other school has achieved that. It is the legacy we left with my teaching staff, they were very supportive. I am short of words to appreciate their effort.”

Last year, Pamushana was the Copa Coca-Cola youth soccer champions as well as the Stella Tea National Association of Secondary School Heads (Nash) under-17 girls’ netball champions. The Pamushana team also came out second in Sadc in a quiz competition held in Tanzania.

Madhuku added: “For this to be achieved, the teachers went an extra mile. Even the parents, they were very supportive, even in cases of discipline.”

Last year, Pamushana had 34 students with 15 points and above and has been excelling in sporting activities. Madhuku was Nash president until his retirement from the Education ministry last year.

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    Mapingu 2 years ago

    Too good to be true. Doing 6 subjects at A-level n getting 5As & a B. Saka isu taiva madofo hedu ka taitatarika ne3 subjects. Heeyii PMC yaitivonesa moto vakomana. Dambudziko, a few yrs a go the infamous Levi Nyagura (former UZ VC – the donor of PhD degree to Grace Mugabe)lamented the inability of our present day “super A-level” performers to write their own names correctly – let alone constructing a simple n grammatically correct English sentence. I want to suppose Levi was lying anyway – if he was right then haaaa ma A atava kungopanana aya. Iiiiii……. Inivo hangu ndichitaura navo vana vacho vari kuwana mazi A akawandawanda mazuvano handivoni vazhinji vacho sevangamira pamberi peO-level class vakadzidzisa munhu akapasa. Pamakore edu vamwe taiita maTemporary Teachers after A-level or even O-level tichivhuna choko zvaimwisa mvura – taisiya vana vachichema tavakuenda kuVarsity or elsewhere – asi tisina zvedu maAs acho akawanda-wanda

    • comment-avatar

      i understand what you are saying but as a student who also wrote last year …i believe that the system is no longer teaching us to be fellow teachers….it is teaching us to be better versions of you our elders to make a better world so you cant really compare us to you…its totally different …some of you guys had to go to school to earn a living …but the system that is there now is teaching pupils to excel in their passions and also to earn a living but i believe that if you take any of us and give us the skills of teaching …we can surely nail it …after all you cant just see the potential of someone just by looking at them …there is need for some testing …

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    kkkkkkkkkkkkkk it’s not necessary to do all those subjects pa A level…just do 3 subjects and score your 15 points uende! kumwe kwese kutsvaka mbiri isina kana nebasa rose

    • comment-avatar

      well for someone who is determined to be an important figure ari paspot light …it is very much necessary to do as many subjects as possible and after this looks deep into the potential that someone has, the self confidence and commitment in their work if one is that much of a genious then the sky is not even the limit!!!

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    Nzombe 2 years ago

    The results say a lot about the system and those marking our children’s exams, or can they be called something else other than exams. Zvichibvepi nyika isina nemamabhuku kwawo. Those results speak a lot of U’s about the system. Well, maybe majerasi edu vekutsva neCambridge. With those type of results, we should soon be sending Zim astronauts to beyond the moon.

  • comment-avatar
    harper 2 years ago

    Standing in the queue for the photocopier in Cecil House the Ministry of Information fellow in front of me said “I will be quick, just giving my son some more “O” Levels.”

  • comment-avatar
    KingBobby 2 years ago

    Vese vanorwadziwa nePamushana hamusati matanga…..give negative comments and the school will continue to excel……pamushana pfeee pfeeee pfeeeee

  • comment-avatar
    masvayamugwevi 2 years ago

    well done pamushana high school we believe in you…

  • comment-avatar
    chipondamoyo 2 years ago

    Well done Pamushana High SChool. All those giving negative comments madofo asingadi kukundwa. Learn to appreciate that other people are better than you.