Parents in rural areas equipped with online learning support skills

Source: Parents in rural areas equipped with online learning support skills | Sunday News (local news)

Melinda Ncube, Sunday News Reporter
HIGHERLIFE Foundation has urged parents to play a pivotal role in supporting online learning for children at primary and secondary schools.

The foundation last week held a two-day virtual workshop hosted by Lupane State University (LSU). The workshop was meant to equip parents in Lupane district with skills on how to support their children doing online learning.

Higherlife Foundation is a social organisation that supports and empowers children who are vulnerable and orphaned in Africa through educational and material support.

LSU Departmental Chairperson of Educational Foundation Dr Christopher Ndlovu said the workshop was aimed at encouraging parents to assist teachers in terms of providing a suitable learning environment for their children, providing children with school materials, making schedules and an atmosphere that is suitable for online learning at home.

Participants were provided with electronic gadgets to access the virtual seminar from selected locations.

“About 700 parents who attended the workshop said they did not know how they should assist their children academically. However, they positively responded to the idea of introducing online learning for future purposes and the Highlife Foundation will assist parents with the materials to assist their children. Online learning will be facilitated through WhatsApp messages and Text messages for those without smartphones,” said Dr Ndlovu.

Highlife Foundation found it important to enlighten parents on how effective, flexible and beneficial digital learning is since it has become an option in view of Covid-19 travel restrictions.

During the workshop parents raised concerns over the unavailability of internet networks in their areas and the unaffordability of electronic gadgets to most of the rural population.