Parents recall children from boarding school

Source: Parents recall children from boarding school | Daily News

HARARE – As the situation in the country continues to deteriorate with threats of another complete shutdown, some parents have recalled their children from boarding schools while those with children that attend day schools kept their children at home.

This comes amid the uncertainty in the country with most parents fearing for their children’s safety in view of the aftermath of the three-day violent stay-away.

The country was thrown in turmoil as protesters took to the streets in most urban areas in the aftermath of the fuel price adjustments announced by President Emmerson Mnangagwa recently.

Some of the schools like Dzivaresekwa High even gave directives to school children to stay at home on Monday as the area is awash with unrest where soldiers are punishing suspected perpetrators of violence.

Speaking to the Daily News, Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) secretary-general Raymond Majongwe said he has heard reports of parents taking away their children from boarding schools since last week, but he is yet to verify the statistics.

“What happened is that parents with children in volatile areas panicked when there was a communication cut off as they could not get hold of the schools to find out if their children were safe. Hence the only reasonable way was to go and collect them so that they monitor the situation while close to their children,” Majongwe said.

One parent who spoke to this publication on condition of anonymity said she was called by the school (boarding) to come and collect her child as teachers had fled the school after being intimidated by the situation.

“During the weekend I went to collect my daughter from boarding school after I heard people talking about another likely shutdown in these coming days.

“I would rather keep her at home knowing that she is safe than risking it all,” said another parent. ‘‘For now I am still assessing the situation, if I then feel like things have normalised, I will take her back.”


  • comment-avatar
    wisdom dhluni 1 year ago

    zimbabwe is not poor we have resources but our leaders need humility,they should stand for the people and fight for our future not their families.ln the end it will automatically benefit everyone

    • comment-avatar
      mazano rewayi 1 year ago

      unfortunately we do not have leaders. “A thousand lions led by a dog will die like dogs”. That’s our curse.

  • comment-avatar
    Alistair Melville 1 year ago

    Yes Wisdom, you are right. The resources of the country should benefit everyone. Unfortunately tribalism. corruption and greed dominate politics in Africa and Zimbabwe is not immune from this curse.