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Paz warns against crossing flooded rivers

Source: Paz warns against crossing flooded rivers | Daily News

Drivers of passenger service vehicles must desist from crossing flooded rivers, the Passengers Association of Zimbabwe (Paz) said yesterday.

Paz joined the nation in mourning the loss of life and livelihoods in the areas affected by Cyclone Idai.
“We are disheartened by the fact that some buses attempted to cross flooded rivers’ bridges,” Paz president Tafadzwa Goliati said.

Paz said while it anticipates the speedy rehabilitation of road infrastructure destroyed by Cyclone Idai, “we are fully aware that given the circumstances the demands for assistance are many whilst resources — despite efforts by all stakeholders — cannot meet every pressing need.”

Paz said it acknowledges and salutes the concerted effort made by the government, the donor community, embassies, civil society and community-based organisations and many individuals including neighbours of victims of the cyclone in assisting the victims of Cyclone Idai.

“It is a trying time and our prayer remains that the homes, bridges and roads will be built soonest and that all of us will also work towards ensuring that victims get required access to clean water, sanitation and food. The cyclone has passed but the effects remain.

“Our government should ensure, that the Civil Protection Unit has adequate funding in order to directly warn people evict people before the disaster, as a proactive initiative,” the Paz president said.