Police shoot at kombi, injure three

Source: Police shoot at kombi, injure three | Herald (Top Stories)

Daniel Nemukuyu Investigations and Special Reports Editor
Three commuter omnibus passengers were shot and injured yesterday along Mutare Road in Msasa, Harare, when a pursuing police officer opened fire on a kombi whose driver failed to stop at the Mabvuku turn-off roadblock.

Shupikai Kachaya (27), who suffered an ankle injury, Dylan Chidhava (24), who was injured on the left buttock, and Violet Wairesi (32), who was injured on the right thigh, were taken to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals where they were receiving treatment.

They were reported to be in a stable condition last night.

Police confirmed the incident and apologised for the injuries, which they said could have been avoided had the driver stopped at the roadblock.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said a silver Nissan caravan commuter omnibus (registration number ADZ 5261) ignored a police roadblock at Mabvuku turn-off when the driver was signalled to stop.

He did not.

An armed police officer stood in the middle of Mutare Road just after the roadblock and again signalled the driver to stop, but he sped off.

The officer then got a lift from a well-wisher and pursued the kombi, finding it parked near the headquarters of the Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe.

When the officer tried to engage the driver of the kombi, he drove off.

The police officer then fired two warning shots, but the driver did not stop.

He then fired at the commuter omnibus to deflate the tyres and in the process, three passengers were injured.

“The police found out that the driver had no driver’s licence and failed to obey police instructions to stop. There was no route authority, vehicle licence and passengers’ licence,” said Asst Comm Nyathi.

The driver is now facing attempted murder charges for driving towards the police officer and reckless driving.

“As police, we want to apologise for this unfortunate incident which could have been avoided if the driver had taken heed of police instructions,” said Asst Comm  Nyathi.

“We also urge commuter omnibus owners not to employ unlicensed drivers. We urge drivers to stop at all police checkpoints and to comply with instructions.”


  • comment-avatar
    Zambuko 2 months ago

    The police officer should also be charged with attempted murder. Firing at a vehicle containing passengers is not justified in the circumstances. Whose life was in danger at that point? The police officer should have had the vehicle registration number and the matter could have been followed up later. The police response was disproportionate and reckless and the Police apology is a exculpatory and blame shifting.

  • comment-avatar
    Saddened 2 months ago

    Wild West police? just shoot even when innocent bystanders are in the way. Caring civil service? This policeman must also be arrested for attempted murder.

  • comment-avatar
    Bobby 2 months ago

    The kombi driver is or should face charges of failing to stop at a road block.
    The very stupid police officer, trained in weapons and tactics should be charged with attempted murder. He had no considerations for the innocent lives in the kombi including the driver of the kombi. You don’t take a life just because one fails to obey road traffic road block.

  • comment-avatar
    Mapingu 2 months ago

    Yaaa. Cry my comical Zimbabwe! Cry! A police officer shots at a vehicle carrying innocent people ostensibly to deflate vehicle tyres. The guy shots 3 pple (innocent passengers) inside the vehicle & not the intended tyres. Now we are told the innocent pple were shot becoz driver did not stop as ordered by police so it is the driver who shot them or caused them to be shot. The driver must face attempted murder charges for the shooting; and the reckless guy in uniform must earn a promotion for job well done. Surely, why would a trained officer, assuming it’s not some zanu pf thug who was just issued with police uniform & a firearm, miss so much that instead of shooting the tyres he shots right inside the vehicle; and not only once but several times?