Prices remain unchanged

Source: Prices remain unchanged | Sunday Mail (Local News)

Sunday Mail Reporter

Prices of basic commodities in major retail outlets have remained unchanged in the past fortnight, with products such as sugar and cooking oil now readily available on the shelves.

A snap survey by The Sunday Mail indicated that the price of a 2 litre cooking oil bottle and 2kg sugar remained at $245 and $214, respectively in the past weeks.

Other commodities whose prices remained unchanged include bath soap that averaged $79,2kg rice ($255), washing powder ($182), commercial beef ($340) per kilogramme, 2 litre Mazoe Orange Crush ($170),  1 litre milk ($68) and a crate of eggs pegged at $400. The stabilisation of prices has been attributed to weekly foreign currency exchange auctions introduced by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) on June 23. Experts, however, believe that there is need to increase production to guarantee long-term stability.