Religious leaders preach peace during elections

Religious leaders preach peace during elections

Source: Religious leaders preach peace during elections | Daily News

HARARE – Religious leaders drawn from different religions have been impressed by the level of maturity exhibited by Zimbabweans during the run-up to the elections scheduled for tomorrow.

Zimbabweans have proved to be peace-loving people as they all managed to campaign peacefully, a development that was welcomed by religious leaders.

This comes after more than 40 denominations gathered in Harare on Friday to promote and pray for peace during and after the harmonised elections.

The Friday Peace Festival was endorsed by Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA), an organisation that thrives on peace environment.

National Apostolic Faith secretary-general Reverend George Manhongwa said the church will remain apolitical and their core business is to promote peace in the country.

“We are apolitical. What we strive for is peace before, during and after elections. We shall continue preaching peace in the country,” Manhongwa said.

New Revelations Ministries leader Miracle Paul had this to say: “We thank the Lord Almighty that in this year’s election season there was no noise. We did not hear any news of political violence. It can only be God’s grace.

“We would like to thank all political parties for showing maturity and respecting the law of God which says ‘love your neighbours’. I would also like to urge all parties involved that in every race there is a winner. The losing parties shall accept the results for the good of the country,” Miracle Paul said.

“Leaders are appointed by God as according to Isaiah 55:4  the word of God says ‘I have given him witness to the people, leader and commander to the people. As such after elections we are all one people. We should come together. Lets forget our differences and join hands to build better Zimbabwe,” Miracle Paul said.

Cleric Harmony Mabhena said: “We value peace and peace is for us. I hope people from other nations are going to learn from us after demonstrating peaceful elections,” she said.

Brighton Chikomo of Bright Light Ministries also urged Zimbabweans to put the interest of the country first.

“Zimbabwe is bigger than any political party so the will of the people should be respected. The only way people can speak is through the ballot not bullet hence losers should accept defeat. In a nutshell, elections come and go but we still remain Zimbabweans. One Zimbabwe, one nation, we are people together,” Chikomo said.

Larissa Makahamadze said peace is not only a preserve of Christians in the country.

“I am glad all religions have come together to promote peace before, during and after the elections.

“We are Muslims and we also wish the nation peaceful elections,” she said.

Meanwhile, ZTA chief executive Karikoga Kaseke said his organisation is working with every religious group in the country in promoting peace during this critical period.