Restaurant operators join vaccination drive

Source: Restaurant operators join vaccination drive | Herald (Business)

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The Restaurant Operators’ Association of Zimbabwe (ROAZ) has joined the
on-going mass vaccination drive and hopes to ride on the exercise to
facilitate re-opening of the sector to sit-in services.

In a latest update, the association said it has started facilitating staff
vaccinations, which saw more than 270 restaurant staffers from Harare
alone receiving their first Covid-19 jabs on Wednesday.

So far, close to 1 000 members in the capital city have received one or
two vaccinations and the drive will be spread across the country, said the

The Wednesday session was arranged by ROAZ vice president, Ms Karen
Mutasa, who has been closely involved in a number of anti-Covid
initiatives since the outbreak of the pandemic early last year.

“Restaurants around the country have been responding positively to the
call by the Government for people to be fully vaccinated and ROAZ wanted
to increase that level of support with a day session that would enable as
many staff as possible to receive their first jabs,” said Ms Mutasa.

“These first-timers will receive their second jabs in a few weeks’ time
and will join the many other restaurant staff around Zimbabwe who are
fully vaccinated.”

She said feedback from ROAZ members has shown that about 1 000 people now
had first or second-time vaccination, which is about 94 percent of staff

“ROAZ applauds restaurant operators for encouraging staff to join the
national drive and we also thank the staff themselves for being
co-operative and supportive,” said Ms Mutasa.

ROAZ has paid tribute to the Ministry of Health and Child Care for sending
a team of nurses to the day-long vaccination session, which took place at
Ms Mutasa’s Organikks restaurant venue in Chisipite. Staff came in from
member restaurants on a pre-booked schedule and the operation was
conducted smoothly and successfully.

The association is working in partnership with the Hospitality Association
of Zimbabwe, the Tourism Business Council of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe
Tourism Authority to advocate for the re-opening of restaurants to
sit-down dinning.

At present restaurants are able only to serve takeaway or delivery food,
but ROAZ has argued through research that this is unsustainable for the

“Our vaccination programme complements the other measures undertaken by
restaurants to provide safe venues for diners, and we are working hard to
have restaurants re-opened in safe but welcoming conditions,” said Ms
Mutasa, who is a trustee of Solidary Trust Zimbabwe, a healthcare body.