‘Rogue’ teachers terrorise school

Source: ‘Rogue’ teachers terrorise school | Sunday News (local news)

Bruce Ndlovu, Sunday News Reporter

I went to the district education offices and they told me that I should not bother with these people because there is a process to be followed to reprimand teachers and it can take some time. I was told that the other teachers had been given positions elsewhere and it was now just these two that are refusing to leave,” Mr Nyathi said.

A headmaster that was appointed last year, a Mr Moyo, was allegedly chased away by the pair.
“At some point, education officials came to try and remove their property but they refused so I don’t know where we go from there. A headmaster, Mr Moyo was appointed last year but they harassed and wanted to beat him from the moment he walked through the gate.

They had held a meeting prior to that with some villagers where it was agreed that there would be no headmaster that would take charge of the school as long as they were around. He soon ran away and accepted a posting in Matobo.

At the time I was about to leave my position as the chairperson of the school committee they were problems with another new head again because they were trying to influence what is happening in the school,” he said

A villager, Mr Peter Dube, said villagers’ hands were tied as they could not forcibly remove the pair from the school.

“What I can say is that the issue you heard is true.

There are two teachers that we here doing nothing and it’s been the case since last year or maybe even the year before that. We thought this is a problem that is going away but that doesn’t seem to be the case. As far as we know, when someone does something wrong at work, they are supposed to be relieved of their duties and sent home.

“When they’ve served their punishment, they can then be recalled. The problem we have is that these ones are just staying at school. This school belongs to us as the villagers and there’s a complement of teachers that we can accommodate.

No one that is not working is supposed to stay here. As villagers, we don’t know how to handle the situation because this is an issue that the education ministry is supposed to resolve,” he said.
Another villager, Mr Onias Dube, said villagers were shocked at the fact that educated people could behave in that manner.

“I don’t stay here and I only came home last month from South Africa where I work but I have heard of this issue.

There are two men that are not teaching but at the same time it looks like they can’t be fired. You can find them walking around the school at any time. I cannot really say I understand what’s going on. All I can say is that maybe as educated people, they understand their rights more than we do,” he said.
Matobo District Schools Inspector Mr Headman Mpofu said he was unaware of the issue.