Shocking Vote Rigging Video Haunts Zanu PF Before SADC

By Staff Reporter Published: August 2, 2013

Exclusive Video Showing Zim Vote-Rigging Shames ZANU PFA video of alleged vote rigging in Harare’s Mt Pleasant area shot on Wednesday morning has continued to haunt ZANU PF despite their celebrated win of the just ended elections.The video which shows the outgoing Finance Minister Tendai Biti exposing youths bussed in from distant areas in Manicaland provinces as evidenced by the bus screamer-tags.

In the video, MDC-T Secretary-General Tendai Biti boldly confronts ZEC officials for address verification details of hundreds of ZANU PF youths bussed from Manicaland’s Honde Valley using Zupco buses to a Mt Pleasant polling station, and the ZEC official fails to answer while agreeing that the youths are clearly not on the voters’ roll. Biti then telephones a colleague to launch an urgent chamber application to declare a cancellation of the special vote process.

In detail, the four-minute clip shows the young people disembarking one of the buses and hiding their faces upon seeing cameras as the join voters in a queue where they are given priority access.

Biti then questions the bus driver who claims he brought the bus from the nearby Belvedere surbub.

But when asked where he picked up the youths, the driver then lifts a finger asking Biti if he is threatening him.

The driver tells Biti he doesn’t trust his question when asked where these people are from.

In anger Biti then makes the phone call.

“We need to file a court application so that their ballots are disqualified. It’s unbelievable… some of them are dispersing now,” he says.

Commenting on the developments, Mavambo Kusile Dawn leader in the UK, Lloyd Nembaware said ZEC clearly has damaged its reputation.

Said Nembaware:

“Obviously the MDC will lay very heavily on that. Don’t forget that Zuma was saying he needs evidence from Tsvangirai  to say the election was rigged so clearly that they can use as evidence. Whether Zuma can go by that I am not sure but that’s a clear piece of evidence they probably could use.”

“But they might have to substantiate that, don’t forget that the presiding officer there was refusing as well saying these guys have official slips.

Nembaware said the ZEC has damaged its image for credibility.

“Unfortunately for ZEC, it has had its reputation tarnished because of a number of irregularities. We saw the fiasco that occurred during the special vote and also questions are abound about the voters roll,” he said.

He added:

“It should have been in ZEC’s interest to make sure the result is not disputed. To not publish the list of polling locations a few days before the elections is atrocious. There clearly is prejudice about this. Zanu PF need not worry too much as the dysfunctional opposition has cleared the way for it by squabbling about posts. We need serious leaders in Africa not those driven by greed, materialism and petty positions.”

Meanwhile the ZEC as expected to finalise its final result announcement on Friday afternoon and it was projected that Mugabe would win by a landslide.

via Zimbabwe: Shocking Vote Rigging Video Haunts Zanu PF Before SADC | ZimEye.