Simba Makoni to unmask the rigging techniques used by Zanu PF

by Staff Reporter Bulawayo24 NEWS 04 August 2013

HARARE – Opposition Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD) leader Simba Makoni has rejected election results alleging his former party Zanu PF has rigged the outcome.

The former Finance minister, who entered into an anti-President Robert Mugabe coalition with Morgan Tsvangirai, told the Daily News on Sunday that Zanu PF engineered the results of the just ended crunch harmonised elections.

“Vakabirira zvavo zviri pachena. Hazvisi izvo zvakaitwa nevanhu uye hatizvitambire izvozvo. (It is known that they rigged the results without doubt.

“I reject the results because that is not what the people said),” Makoni said.

Makoni, who came third in the 2008 presidential race, contested  as an aspiring legislator for Makoni Constituency but was defeated by Zanu PF’s Patrick Chinamasa.

Makoni said they were working on measures to expose the “rigging done by Zanu PF” in the just-ended July 31 elections.

“We are taking different measures to unmask the rigging techniques used by Zanu PF to win these elections,” Makoni said.

“We will engage with the general public and as well as engaging with the courts of law in so much that we disclose the rigging done by Zanu PF.”

Meanwhile, Sadc, African Union (AU) and Sadc PF observer mission have said the election was peaceful.

Olusegun Obasanjo, head of the AU observer mission admitted that the Zimbabwean elections had flaws but rather concluded in his report that they were free and fair; a conclusion reiterated by Sadc Election Observer Mission (Seom) and Sadc Parliamentary Forum (Sadc PF).

Tsvangirai has alleged that military intervention played a crucial role in fixing the election in Zanu PF’s favour.

He maintained that the elections were not credible.

“I was going to consider defeat in an honest and credible election. Being peaceful does not add up to a credible election,” said Tsvangirai.

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    machakachaka 8 years ago

    Morgan, if Henry Muchena retires from the Air Force first, then joins a political party of his choice, is that military intervention? Why was it not military intervention when Colonel Mudzingwa joined the MDC after leaving the military? This is allowed, brother.