Suspected armed robbers admit to murder, attempted murder

Source: Suspected armed robbers admit to murder, attempted murder | Herald (Crime)

Nyore Madzianike Senior Court Reporter

Four suspected armed robbers today admitted to killing one person and attempting to murder three others during a spate of armed robberies they allegedly committed in and around Harare.

Brothers William (39) and Kudakwashe (32) Boka, Darlington Maruba (32) and Nikholai Machula (29) admitted to murder, three counts of attempted murder and 10 counts of armed robbery when police detectives were applying for their further detention before Harare magistrate Mr Dennis Mangosi.

The detectives told the court that they wanted the quartet to make further indications and assist them in recovery of some of the stolen items.

William and Kudakwashe Boka, Maruba and Machala refused to be taken back into the custody of the detectives saying they would be subjected to further torture at the hands of the police.

The Boka brothers-William and Kudakwashe, Maruba and Machala admitted to the offences without being asked to plead to the charges.

They claimed the detectives have recovered all the stolen items and there was no need to take them for further investigations.

The four also argued that they were admitting to commiting all the offences that they were arrested for.

Mr Mangosi granted the application for warrant for further detention and ordered the detectives to return with the four to court after 48 hours.