Teacher sets up online heritage project

Source: Teacher sets up online heritage project | Sunday News (Business)

Sithatshisiwe Vuma, Sunday News Reporter
A teacher at Eveline High School in Bulawayo has opened a Heritage online project.

Mr Jobert Ngwenya has opened a heritage online project called “ilifa lethu” which has seen many youths grasping understanding of their culture.

The website was opened three months back as a way of keeping children busy and occupied during Covid-19 lockdowns.

“The mission is to document the intangible local and national heritage in digital format for educators, learners and the general populace,” said Mr Ngwenya.

In an interview with Sunday News, Mr Ngwenya said the website is specifically for children but it caters for everyone.

“The website is for the depository of all intangible things as long as it foretells something about our culture and heritage. We have also engaged Prince Mzamo who has a YouTube channel called ‘Umagogo made me cook’ who teaches people online how to cook indigenous foods. The channel seeks to educate the youth and women on how to prepare traditional foods.

“We would share some of his videos in our blog to teach people on how to cook traditional foods and we also promote story telling among our communities as our history was reserved through indigenous folklore (inganekwane),” he said.