Teachers deserve better salaries

Source: Teachers deserve better salaries | Daily News

EDITOR — The teachers’ protest is not political but a bread and butter issue. Recently, top government officials were in a crunch meeting with teachers’ union leaders to resolve the salary impasse.

Over 80 percent of teachers joined the industrial action, demanding their salaries in United States dollars.

Nevertheless, it is reported that there are groups of youths and suspected war veterans who are going around rural schools threatening teachers who don’t attend classes with unspecified action.

Our Constitution says, “Every person has a right to sufficient food. The government must take legislative measures to achieve the realisation of this right”.

Some of our leaders are arrogant and ignorant and they live in a bubble of exclusion of everyone else but they hold on to that belief that they are the greatest and unstoppable.

Whatever they do is for their own benefit not for everyone else. They take the teachers’ strike as a cry of a dwarf in the shadow of a giant.

I wonder if they believe in Pan-Africanism, which is aimed at the uniqueness of our identity also as an idea that drives not just identity but education, economy, health, industry, etc.

Zimbabweans are a peaceful and non-confrontational people, our basic model of living is inclusive of everyone but the people are the same but the game is different.

We can’t operate as usual like everything is normal, nothing is normal anymore, the economy is failing.

It appears some people who were sent to intimidate teachers have been captured by hunger for too long and now they think that is the way it should be and that they don’t deserve better.

These people are accustomed to poverty and hunger to the extent that they will do anything for a few dollars.

More so, they are being sympathetic to their captor (poverty) and tend to support it and even wish to be held as hostages of hunger for life.

The people of Zimbabwe, we should forgive them. Teachers deserve better salaries.