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Heroes and Hooligans

The Village Idiot is back with some thought-provoking conversations. Zimbabwe’s biggest political question today according to this village idiot is ‘What do the urban, rural and diaspora masses do when their heroes transform to robbers of the country and people? “

The urban idiot has gone crazy into overdrive with their mission,  ‘of robbing this Zimbabwe’.The political and corporate idiot are standing back to back on this mission, guns blazing robbing both country and people day and night driving the masses of this country against a high rough wall and into impossible situations. When the masses respond, through methods and lessons learned and copied from their heroes when they were driven into the same situations by the colonial system in the past, the urban idiot is quick to label them ‘hooligans, thugs and criminals’

Punch and kick the masses. Shoot the masses. Lock up the masses in prison cells. Be warned masses of Zimbabwe, whoever told you that you can stand up to your own heroes, your own liberators when they are on a nation robbing spree will get you killed. These comrades liberated all of us masses remember?

Of course, you become a hooligan, thug and criminal if you destroy your own heritage and that of the family next to yours and loot property just because you are angry and frustrated with the actions of the urban idiot. Even this village idiot will label such people hooligans thugs and criminals because you are just doing the very thing the urban idiot is doing, ‘robbing this Zimbabwe’.It is not the right way to respond to this impossible situation and Zimbabwe’s biggest political question today.

You will not change much if you engage in such behaviours. The urban idiot has no time and business to respond positively to masses that destroy and loot their own backyards. They will just shoot you or if you are lucky they will throw you behind prison walls and go on with their urgent mission of robbing this Zimbabwe. Just don’t do it. Its stupid. There are smart ways of how you can engage heroes that are on such a mission and not backyard looting and destruction of your neighbours property.

When government allows business to robe the masses no matter what the circumstances are, that government becomes party to that robbery. When government allows business to put the masses in difficult situations, that government becomes party to that action. When government makes promises after promises for a better life for the masses for close to forty years, then that government becomes a government of crooks before the eyes of the masses.

This village idiot must buy fuel every week to pump water for his goats. The business who is allowed by this government to sell this fuel in this village idiot’s little rural town of Lupane is given blessings by this government to charge and take only American dollars at US1.40 per litre!! In the middle of a rural community where this government knows well that none of the district masses is ever paid in American dollars, not even by this government itself! This government will go out of its way to protect this business.

This village idiot can’t get the dollars for bonds in the banks and does not have a nice relative to send them dollars from the diaspora every week, so is forced to find the dollars in the illegal parallel money market to be able to buy fuel to pump water for his goats or they will all die. The urban idiot will be out on the streets guns blazing to arrest this service provider of illegal forex exchange while supporting and protecting the business who is charging for fuel in American dollars in the middle of rural Zimbabwe where no one gets paid in American dollars. What an impossible situation this is for the masses as this is the norm across the country with most business who will raise prices of goods and services as they want when they want to choose how they want to be paid, with “we don’t take this and that, we only take this and that” and this government will protect such businesses. To whose interests is this government protecting such businesses?

Who constitutes this government that connives with business in robbing Zimbabwe and its masses? It is our very own liberators. Our very own heroes. The very same people whom when the colonial system pushed them to the wall with conditions similar or even worse, they went into the streets and bush to fight the system. They were called all names from hooligans to thugs to criminals to terrorists, the same names they are calling their own today when their government creates a system that pushes the very masses they liberated to the wall.

It is now as if they liberated the masses to keep them poor and desperate while robbing the future generations of this country of an opportunity to ever start decent lives.

This village idiot admires the urban idiot for this achievement because the urban idiot is a good idiot. An excellent idiot. A selfish idiot who thinks of self and their own and does not care about the country and its masses. The urban idiot is on a mission of robbing this Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s political question of its own heroes transforming to robbers of this Zimbabwe is the biggest political question of today. No amount of flying around the globe and presenting high dictionary words and economic jargon will resolve this huge political question of our time.

Zimbabwe does not belong to the urban idiot alone. Stop robbing this Zimbabwe.


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  • comment-avatar
    JRR56 7 months ago

    Rest assured Zanu Politicians and Elite all get dollars from the bank at the exchange of 1 Bond Note to 1 $US. The gravy train never stops!

  • comment-avatar
    mazano rewayi 7 months ago

    A politician is like a coin. One can only see the exposed side of the coin at any given time, even though the two sides are always there. Before 1980, we saw one side – the good side – those safari suits, starving faces, afro hair and all. We ate sadza and vegetables together with our bare dirty hands. In our leaders we saw ourselves. Now we see pot bellies, fancy cars and monstrous mansions. We see our rulers fly whilst we walk. We do not see what they eat anymore but we know they use forks and knives not hands. The coin has flipped and now we see the other side. We do not see ourselves in them nor they in us. it is folly to believe they can understand our problems. If they did once, they have long forgotten. Just as they do not remember where their safari suits are so they do not know what the ordinary person goes through. On hindsight, we should have never allowed ourselves to be called povo nor should we call anyone chef.

    • comment-avatar
      Doris 7 months ago

      Actually I liken the politicians to a bunch of bananas.  They are all yellow. They all hang together and there isn’t a straight one amongst them.