Thieves target parked vehicles

Source: Thieves target parked vehicles | Herald (Africa)

Asst Comm Nyathi

Munashe Muchero Herald reporter
Police have expressed concern over a surge in cases of theft from parked vehicles countrywide. This follows a video circulating on social media in which some unidentified men are seen stealing cellphones and money from an unlocked vehicle at a service station.

The men quickly disappeared from the scene.

National police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, said motorists should exercise due diligence and ensure their vehicles were well secured before leaving.

Police also warned motorists against leaving keys on the ignition port and not to allow strangers in their vehicles.

“Police would like to urge motorists to exercise due diligence and ensure their vehicles are well secured and motorists should avoid leaving keys on the ignition port as well as allowing strangers to sit in their cars, especially in fuel queues.

“We continue to encourage motorists to park their motor vehicles in secure places so as to avoid theft.

“Doors and windows must be closed and locked and where possible, vehicles should be fitted with alarm and anti-hijack systems. Valuables such as cash, laptops, cellphones and firearms must not be left in vehicles. Insecure firearms are being stolen and used to commit armed robberies,” he said.

There is an increase in cases where vehicles are stolen after drivers or owners leave keys on the ignition port at service stations or in fuel queues.

Recently a Toyota Vitz registration number ACV 1618, was stolen from a fuel queue at a service station along Simon Muzenda Street (formerly Fourth Street) in Harare.

The driver disembarked from the vehicle and left the keys on the ignition while he sought to establish why the queue was moving slowly.

On his return, the car had been stolen.

This was the third report inside seven days whereby vehicles were stolen in that manner.