Time to Talk Our Country Up

A comment from Silence Chihuri,  a lawyer and Zimbabwean political analyst who writes from Scotland.

Excerpt: “For the last 14 years Zimbabweans have been waiting to be taken to an imaginary “promised land” by the merchants of self enrichment and womanisers in the MDC party. The reason why the MDC in general and Morgan Tsvangirai in particular failed to realise their common but utopian dream of taking charge of Zimbabwe was nothing to do with any form of obstruction but rather down to their outright failure to grasp the gist of national politics and governance. In the history of African opposition politics, the MDC party received a level of support at home and abroad that was unprecedented and unrivalled. But as can now be concluded, it is one thing for a political party to get as much support but if they do not have any clue as to what to do with that support then they will never realise their mission. The MDC has died an inevitable political death and ZANU PF has realised an inevitable resurrection.”

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