Tourism sector doing its best despite economic hardships: TBCZ

Source: Tourism sector doing its best despite economic hardships: TBCZ | Daily News

At their quarterly media and members briefing, the Tourism Business Council of Zimbabwe (TBCZ) pointed out that the challenging times in Zimbabwe are indeed affecting business but they aim to do their best to remain viable, operational and play the significant role of hosting international visitors to Zimbabwe.

President of TBCZ Winnie Muchanyuka said that it is essential that they keep aiming for the best as it’s the international visitors that also bring in the essential foreign currency that’s needed to facilitate daily living, economic performance and growth.

“Like other sectors, we are concerned at the effects of ongoing economic problems on our ability to remain viable and operational, but we know that the resourceful and energetic people we have in this sector, shall continue to strive to do so.” Muchanyuka said.

She added that TBCZ welcomes engagement with the authorities at all levels and in all areas of endeavour, and offers themselves as partners in cases that they can provide meaningful cooperation and assistance.

This comes after TBCZ has just finalised their board members for the coming year and the team is made up of new members alongside a number of longstanding members.

New members of the board include Agmos Moyo, Carol White, Chipo Mandela, Edwin Shangwa, Gavin Rennie, Gilian Rusike, Givemore Chidzidzi, Shepherded Nyaruwata and Tich Hwingwiri.

The TBCZ presidium constitutes of president Winnie Muchanyuka, vice presidents, Karen Tumazos, George Manyumwa and Wengai Nhau and the chief executive officer Paul Matamisa.

TBCZ aims to steadily increase the actual contribution made to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by travel and tourism and to increase the percentage contribution within the overall economic spectrum to a point where by tourism could account for 50 percent of GDP.

TBCZ further maintains that growth on tourist arrivals experienced over the last two years can be sustained and increased in the coming months and years.
What’s needed for this to happen is the nurturing and encouragement of travel and tourism sector.

“We are here and we are ready and willing to join forces with all people and organisations of good will and good intent for the benefit of Zimbabwe.’’ Muchanyuka said.