Treasury is broke: Minister

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GOVERNMENT, which has been hyping about a huge surplus, is reportedly broke and has been forced to fire 286 doctors because it cannot afford to pay them what used to be their United States dollar salaries at the prevailing interbank rate.

Health minister Obadiah Moyo, speaking at a post-Cabinet briefing yesterday, said through the Finance ministry, government had tried to show the striking doctors that their pockets were empty.

“The issue of dialoguing never stopped. As a ministry, we have been talking to the junior doctors.
We have been talking to the senior doctors. The other time, I had junior doctors who came to my office. We made each other see the reality that there is no money. We even invited personnel from the Ministry of Finance who explained to them in detail and they were left without any doubt that there was no money in government coffers,” Moyo said.

This comes after government announced that it had fired 286 doctors, with 95 others who are yet to appear before the Health Services Board still facing the guillotine.

“A total of 322 disciplinary cases have so far been heard and the 286 doctors who were found guilty have been discharged. A further 93 doctors from central hospitals and 55 from provincial hospitals will have their disciplinary hearings concluded by November 15 and 22, 2019, respectively. Government is still committed to dialogue,” a government brief on the bloodbath in the health sector read.

Moyo said there was no going back in dealing with government workers refusing to report for duty. Information minister Monica Mutsvangwa said government was also seized with reports that Harare City Council nurses had also downed tools and there was also a drive to get them fired.

“The situation at the municipal clinics remains constrained, as only 35 out of the expected 104 nurses turned up for duty at the five polyclinics and one hospital,” she said.

“The nurses withdrew their labour over delayed salary payments and are refusing to resume duty even after receiving their salaries. The action by the nurses is illegal, and the employer has been advised to commence disciplinary processes on the striking nurses, in line with the country’s laws. As such, therefore, only those nurses reporting for duty will be paid while their conditions of service are being looked into.”

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    Which lie is this then? It was obvious that something was wrong. Plan B: we introduce a new form of Mickey Mouse money, then we can drag more money out of the population.

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    Biodiversity 11 months ago

    Oh but you can still hire foreign jets, buy ministers cars and tablets, hold useless conferences where your tables are filled with food.  Absolutely useless idiots, always blah, blah blahing and blaming.

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    So what happened to all the money? Did you steal it again? Go on, tell us, we won’t tell anybody……

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    Non of the money was ever stolen , it was simply distributed to the deserving, poor, half staved, RICH.

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    ace mukadota 11 months ago

    I have an idea comrades – lets all go for a workshop at Vic Falls and try to understand why there is hapana cash – ZANUPF never learn and continue to keep the circus alive. In ZW everyday is April fools day comrades.
    If somebody said tomorrow we will adopt the Mozambique meticals I would believe them – presume this Obadiah Moyo who is giving us his brilliant thoughts about why there is zero cash is a Phd – not sure which of the 15 ZW universities he got it from though ?

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    GoRobin 11 months ago

    …and the Sky is Blue. But this obvious fact doesn’t make a headline like the one above. The ZANU PF Dictatorship has bankrupted the country.