Truth is mighty and will prevail

Source: Truth is mighty and will prevail | Daily News

IT IS generally not our style to either engage with or respond to the mad rantings of deluded chaos mongers, pathological liars and social media retards. But there comes a point where some things cannot be ignored  as remaining silent under such circumstances can, unfortunately, encourage shameless charlatans and other small minds in their malicious, wicked ways. Indeed, and as Richard Edelman said, to be silent is sometimes to be complicit.

And so, it was with utter horror that we were alerted to a social media posting this week by the self-exiled former Cabinet minister, Jonathan Moyo, which suggested that our sister newspaper, The Financial Gazette, is allegedly owned by the country’s notorious Central Intelligence Organisation.

“Only dunderheads think CR6s & CR14s are the best evidence to expose shareholders or to pierce the corporate veil of a rogue media house in bed with an embattled predatory State. The CIO ownership of the Fingaz is not recorded in any CR6 or CR14, yet it is a fact!” this notorious author of the current dire state of Zimbabwe’s media wrote “authoritatively” as he had a go at a rival media house.

As expected, his ever obliging poodles  a good number of them thoroughly discredited former State media hacks  supported this rank lunacy.
What holy nonsense!

What makes this even more galling is that this is the same pitiful, lying team of hoaxers who falsely and maliciously claimed in 2017 that the Daily News had allegedly been taken over by President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Team Lacoste  even going to the extent of making a pathetic presentation to this effect at a Zanu PF politburo meeting, just before the military toppled the country’s late former leader Robert Mugabe from power.

Surprisingly, given the above, some of these con artists still had the temerity to knock at the door of the Daily News, begging for help for the cause of their preferred presidential candidate ahead of the hotly-disputed 2018 elections.

Why, oh why  we ask with tears in our eyes would these phoney, latter-day “democrats” approach a supposed Team Lacoste publication to derail Mnangagwa in a keenly-fought election?
It boggles the mind, and let those in the opposition be warned.

While we are on this, we were also surprised by the recent claims of a former employee who was appointed to a position well above his station in our company, who has laughably alleged that he left the Daily News because he had refused to be captured.

And is it not amazing that in life it is always the most incompetent and compromised who talk the loudest, and who love to throw mud at others willy-nilly?
We will stop here — for now — on this one, as he is frankly not worth talking about. But let him dare us again. We have the V11s.

Among the innocent victims of the country’s undisputed Command Liars have been some prominent local businessmen who these tricksters falsely claimed had played a midwifery role in the fictitious takeover of the Daily News by Mnangagwa and his backers in 2017.
What grade of hashish do these anarchists puff?

For the readers of the Daily News who may not know this, it was also this same malicious cast which lied to erratic former first lady Grace Mugabe four years ago that former vice president Joice Mujuru had allegedly bought a 10 percent shareholding in our newspaper.

Some of these skunks were also leading members of the Axis of Evil which worked so hard to get the Daily News bombed and then shut down in the early 2000s.

In July last year, Moyo ‘threatened’ to expose on social media the barbarians who bombed the Daily News in 2001, but up to now the nation is still waiting for the “expose”. On our part, we are not holding our breaths. For obvious reasons.

Sadly, history has recorded that some of the worst atrocities of the past 39 years of Zanu PF’s misrule occurred around the time that the Daily News was out of circulation — including the vengeful murders of opposition supporters which followed the disputed 2008 elections.

Now, let us be very clear here: there is method to all this madness. This is to try and bully us to support these scoundrels’ political misadventures, and to stop the Daily News, the Daily News on Sunday and The Financial Gazette from continuing to tell the Zimbabwean story like it is, without fear or favour.

We do have news for these lowlifes. Our inimitable and independent titles whose work speaks for itself  will never yield to their dubious, toxic agendas.

We also advise these charlatans never to mistake our silence sometimes for weakness, as they and many of the enemies of Zimbabwe’s democracy like them in government and in Zanu PF have done over the years, to their detriment. We, indeed, can look after ourselves.

As for our public ownership structure, we close with this Latin saying: ‘Magna est veritas et praevalebit’ Truth is mighty and will always prevail!