Tsvangirai opens door for fired ED

Tsvangirai opens door for fired ED

Source: Tsvangirai opens door for fired ED | Daily News

HARARE – MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai is keeping his options open in the wake of former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s dismissal from Zanu PF and government by keeping the door wide open for a possible alliance with the 75-year-old ex-guerrilla fighter.

In an interview with Sabc on Wednesday night, Tsvangirai — leader of the country’s largest opposition party — said Mnangagwa will not have it easy outside Zanu PF and should seriously think about his future in politics.

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    i think this is wise for Mdc leader.he is showing political maturity.Former VP is a zimbabwean and deserves love from all on his long walk in to a democratic and rich Zimbabwe

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    Jabulani 8 months

    These magoregore are a bunch of cowards. We helped them kick out Ian Smith to ge their independence. During that time we kept lots these Zimbos in Lusaka. After we kicked out Smith it was peaceful and we asked them to get back to their country.

    Now they are back in our country agai running away fron Grace and the old and finished man Robert.
    Please comerades strengthen your balls and stand up for your rights!!! We not going to help you this time.

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    You are right. Why don’t the comrade lock up Grace at KG6 AND throw away the keys. She is leader of G40. Mugabe is being egged on by the biatch to stay in power. He scared of her. We understand she beats him up too. Yes claim your country