UN prosecutor pays courtesy on VP Chiwenga

Source: UN prosecutor pays courtesy on VP Chiwenga | Sunday Mail (Top Stories)

The United Nations (UN) Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals (MICT) prosecutor Dr Serge Brammertz yesterday paid a courtesy call on Vice President Dr Constantino Chiwenga.

Dr Brammertz, who is an appointee of the UN Security Council, is head of a MICT delegation that is on a working visit to Zimbabwe.

In a brief interview with journalists after meeting Vice President Chiwenga at Defence House, Dr Brammertz said the visit to Zimbabwe is part of his tour of the region.

“I have paid a courtesy visit to your country and your Government as I have done to other countries in the region to discuss issues of common interest, cooperation, incorporating the future, capacity building and how we can, as the United Nations office, be of assistance.”

Dr Brammertz said his visit was not motivated by the forthcoming harmonised elections, but technical cooperation with Zimbabwe.

“I am aware of the situation in the country regarding elections, but our mission here is more specific and it relates to technical issues, which are not related to the election process.”

The UN Security Council, by resolution 2422 (2018), re-appointed Dr Brammertz to a new term as prosecutor of the MICT with effect from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2020.

Dr Brammertz had served as prosecutor of MICT since March 1, 2016.

The Mechanism was established by UN Security Council Resolution 1966 (2010) to complete remaining work of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia after the completion of their respective mandates.

MICT has two branches in Arusha, Tanzania, and The Hague, Netherlands.