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‘US poured over $3 billion in Zim’

Source: 'US poured over $3 billion in Zim' | Daily News

HARARE – Despite outrage by some sections over United States sanctions against Zimbabwe, the country’s ambassador to Zimbabwe Brian Nichols says his country has strived to maintain friendly relations.

Nichols said this in Masvingo at a signing ceremony of the $475 000 financial grant which will go towards the rehabilitation of the Great Zimbabwe Monument this week.

“Our presence here in Zimbabwe continues to be a sign of the American people’s friendship and commitment to the people of Zimbabwe. This (the $475 000 grant) is just a further step in our continuing friendship with the people of Zimbabwe and their culture.

“Keep in mind that the US has provided over $3 billion to Zimbabwe since independence. Every year, we provide around $200 million as assistance to Zimbabwe and in cultural areas we believe that there is an opportunity for us to corporate,” he said.

Nichols said this is not the first time that the US has provided assistance towards the Great Zimbabwe monument but his country has provided security equipment for the site museum.

The $475 000 project funded by the Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation will assist in the eradication of the invasive weed, latana camara, which is affecting remains of the dhaka earthen structures.

He added that he is happy to work together on such an iconic project. “In fact the key point of this project that I love is that it has seeds for future projects; there is more to come in the future.”

In his speech during the signing ceremony, Resident minister for Masvingo Province Ezra Chadzamira pleaded with the US to extend its arm by assisting in reviving the Zimbabwe’s economy and supporting president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s vision of a middle-income economy status by 2030.

Chadzamira seconded Chief Murinye (Ephias Munodawafa)’s call for US President Donald Trump to lift the economic sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.

“They (US) claim to be helping us but at the same time imposing sanctions, it really doesn’t help,” he said.

Meanwhile, the ambassador said the construction of a new American embassy which is likely to open next January has created 1 200 jobs for Zimbabweans. “As many of you know, we are building a new embassy here in Zimbabwe, an embassy modelled on the Great Zimbabwe. Our project has injected more than $40 million into the Zimbabwean economy and employs over 1 200 Zimbabweans in its completion,” said Nichols.

“We hope to move into our new embassy in January and each time I walk through the doors I will think of the true Great Zimbabwe that is here. I will be reminded of the unwavering support and commitment of the people of Zimbabwe and the friendship between our two nations.”


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    One wonders how the ordinary American tax payer feels about his taxes being frittered away by our politicians?

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      Fallenz 4 months ago

      My guess would be that taxpayers there or anywhere would be thinking how their money could be better used in their own country for their own needs.  I suppose it doesn’t gain Zim any popularity when foreign aid funds are not only “frittered away”, but stolen by the ZANU-PF government to increase the personal wealth of a few bigwigs, purchase vehicles for chefs to buy votes, and provide politicized ag inputs and food to ZANU-PF supporters.  If I were a taxpayer in any of the donor nations, I would stipulate that representatives from my own country would personally monitor, oversee, and audit the use of donor funds… else, no funds, zilch, zip, zero, nada, nyet, none… not one drachma, not one kg mealie, seed, or fertilizer.

      Actually, I wonder why America thinks it needs a new embassy building.  Obviously, i’ve been to Harare, but I’ve never paid attention to their old embassy.  Maybe the old one was falling down, I dunno.  But, i’m curious to see what US$40 000 000 will buy.  A company owned by ZANU-PF bigwigs will probably get the contract to hire another ZANU-PF company to manage the project run by a Chinese construction company which will bring in their own workers.  In the end, America will have a shoddy building with all kinds of nefarious listening devices embedded in the walls and ceilings… and “cost overruns” will add another US$20 000 000 to the price, sending gleaming ZANU-PF bigwigs to their offshore accounts.

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    We have to be a little bit positive. I am not happy with the state the country is in and there’s a lot we can do to lift this country. How about doing something different as individuals.

    Don’t expect other countries to come and rescue our country let’s rescue ourselves. It’s easy to be in the opposition mode, opposing everything including the little others are doing, but hard to put viable policies that advance the country.

    I hope we will one day healthy politics where the opposition puts their alternative views on the table so that people make up their minds which one to vote for, instead of emotional votes

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    Doris 4 months ago

    As long as ZANU PF are in power, the mindset of entitlement remains.  No way do any of them think beyond their back 
    pocket.  And I so agree with Fallenz. All monetary aid from this day forward, should be managed and controlled by outside experts. It is a known fact that ZPF bigwigs rub their hands with glee the minute they sniff the greenback.