Vic-falls type of leadership

Source: Vic-falls type of leadership | Daily News

Leadership is an art of substantively cultivating an environment which brings out the best in order to achieve the set goals of any establishment.

We can derive this lesson from our country’s most beloved touristic destination, the Victoria Falls; the great waterfall ‘discovered’ by Scottish missionary, David Livingston in 1855.

True leadership is like that rock that forms the waterfalls, a calibre of leaders that have unmistakable marks of integrity; leaders that never falter in their focus.

The rock has stood the test of time for centuries, standing firm against huge torrents of flowing water but has remained intact.

Such leaders who remain serene and resolute in the face of adversity are worth the trust by those they lead and no doubt leave indelible marks that last for generations even when they are long gone.

Their leadership qualities can be illustrated as follows:

True leaders produce notable results that even impress new comers or visitors to their environment, they are attached like the great waterfall which attracted a foreigner who henceforth called the falls by a royal name, Victoria after the then British queen at the time.

Good leaders take pride not in their status but their impact in the society. Today very few visitors the Victoria Falls to try to understand the mystery about the strength of the rock that forms the waterfalls but many come to witness its result, the wonder that even exists on the World Heritage list today.

Real leaders nurture a spirit of peace and tranquillity in their spheres of influence. The idyllic view of the falls has made it very touristic and all visitors both local and international go there extending an olive branch of peace and tranquillity to whomever they meet and interact with at the falls. Even after a hectic time of today’s life pressures, one can think of a place like Victoria Falls to unwind, to enjoy the peace that the place offers.

Good leaders influence those in their vicinity to do good works. The rising mist formed by the water falling from the hard rock onto the plunge pool waters the vegetation around the falls. This creates an evergreen landscape that really makes the view of the falls a breath-taking phenomenal wonder.

True leaders are an epitome of unity. The activities in and around Victoria Falls have strengthened the bilateral ties between Zimbabwe and Zambia ever since the two countries assumed their republican statuses.

In view of the above, good leadership impacts generations positively and in essence time is the truest test of every leadership.

May God grant us leadership qualities that resemble the rock that makes the Victoria Falls, a wonder that will continue to amaze future generations and bring happiness!

And it is also because of that amazing rock that people from all over the world visit the majestic falls.

Equally we dream of a Zimbabwe with a strong foundation and economic pillars that are as concrete as the Vic Falls rock; a Zimbabwe which business people from all over the world will converge and invest because of its solidness.

God did not only choose Zimbabwe to house the Vic Falls without purpose and as citizens we need to draw lessons from the wonder and apply them in our day to day lives!