Vote counting completed in Zimbabwe polls

Vote counting completed in Zimbabwe polls

Antoinette Lazarus, Harare

Counting of votes in Zimbabwe’s 2013 Harmonised Elections has been completed at polling station level.  It is now being collated at ward and constituency levels before provincial and national results are confirmed.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) says it will release confirmed results as it comes in. The Commission says there has been a large voter turnout across the country.

In Manicaland province, indications are that about 290303 voters who went to the polls. They’re still busy with the turnout statistics of the other nine provinces. Some 6.4 million Zimbabweans registered to vote in this election. The country has a population of more than 12.5million.

The ZEC says that most polling stations across the country opened and closed within the stipulated time (7am to 7pm). However, some stations opened later due to them receiving the wrong ballot papers. Some stations closed long after the 7pm deadline because of the long queues.

According to Zimbabwe’s Constitution, results will have to be released within five days of the elections being held.

via SABC – Vote counting completed in Zimbabwe polls:Thursday 1 August 2013.