Vote to register anger with Zec: Bakare

Vote to register anger with Zec: Bakare

Source: Vote to register anger with Zec: Bakare | Newsday (News)

RETIRED Anglican Bishop and civic rights activist, Sebastian Bakare has urged Zimbabweans to go out and vote in their numbers to register their anger at the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec), which he accused of not coming out clean on the voters’ roll.


Bakare made the remarks yesterday in an interview with NewsDay in Mutare, where he said it was a democratic right for all Zimbabweans to vote regardless of uncertainty of Zec not conducting a credible election.

“The issue of the voters’ roll has become an issue, but if you go the world over, it is not an issue because it is a public document and I wonder why Zec is not coming out clean on the issue of a voters’ roll,” he said.

“People who are responsible for this document, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, they know that something is wrong with this document and we now wonder how honest
they are.

“As a citizen of Zimbabwe, I am going to vote regardless of what is happening. I am going to vote and register my anger, but I need Zec to be in the lead to promote democracy.”

The cleric added: “I don’t vote to win, but to register my concern that will be shared with other people. If it means 99% people vote for a certain party, I will be the 1% just to show my concern and that is democracy.”

Opposition parties accuse Zec of taking orders from the ruling Zanu PF.

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    Gwenyambira 2 years ago

    Come to think of it, to get any job as a senior executive, you have have experience, take interviews, psychometric tests, plus plus. The process is intimidating to say the least. The potfolio you manage might just be $1million or a few more millions.

    Now take the African politician. He gets into office from nowhere. No record of ever achieving anything of note. He waves his fist. Midnight meetings with the powers that be. Practice speech making (can’t even write his own speeches) and whalla! Dinner is served. Then what follows: Near topless secretary, herd of security and advisers, first class travel, five star hotels, cars, houses, the title honourable and…hold your breath…scandals.

    Has never managed funds running above a thousand dollars before. Even scouted for donations to find money to pay to register as aspiring candidate.

    Now our honourable is beyond touch. Billions of dollars of tax payers money is within reach (rich). Then you expect the nation to grow. Hahaha Africa!