WAG advocates for safer abortion

Source: WAG advocates for safer abortion | Newsday (News)

THE Women Action Group (WAG) has called for the review of the archaic 1977 Termination of Pregnancy Act to allow for safe abortion and post-abortion services.

This came at a time when the world yesterday commemorated the International Safe Abortion Day.

WAG executive director Edna Masiyiwa told delegates during International Safe Abortion Day commemorations in Bindura that abortion should be made safe for women, thus the need for a law that catered for safe abortion.

“Abortion is happening on a daily basis and many young women are dying because they cannot have access to safe abortion or post-abortion services due to the stigma associated with abortion, thereby further complicating their health.  We call on government to review the Termination of Pregnancy Act,” she said.

According to the Termination of Pregnancy Act of 1977, it is illegal to terminate a pregnancy unless it has been sanctioned by government authorities, among them courts of

Unsafe abortions have been on the rise and some of them are fatal as women opt for backstreet and illegal abortions out of desperation.

According to the 2021 Demographic Health Survey, 30% of maternal mortality is due to unsafe abortions.

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