War vets recommend anti-sanctions holiday

Source: War vets recommend anti-sanctions holiday | Herald (Top Stories)

Cde Mahiya

Wallace Ruzvidzo and Yeukai Tazira
War veterans have recommended Government to pronounce the anti-sanctions day slated for October 25 a public holiday after Sadc countries declared the day a solidarity day against illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe adding that modalities for the anti-sanctions day will be discussed at the Former Liberation Movements summit to be held in Victoria Falls next month.

Zanu-PF’s secretary for Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators, Ex-political prisoners, Detainees and Restrictees, Cde Douglas Mahiya commended the SADC resolution and said this is an important day for the country.

“It would be very good for the day to be declared a holiday. If the President says that day is a holiday it means that industry, farmers, doctors and everyone must be supportive of that day.

“The day is very important, this is a day Zimbabweans should demonstrate how progressive they are because here is a whole region supporting Zimbabwe,” said Cde Mahiya.

He described the opposition MDC-Alliance and its leaders as misguided elements who are bent on causing disharmony in a peaceful country.

“They are a clique of misdirected, politically immature people who still give the white man support to suppress the black Zimbabweans,” said Cde Mahiya.

He also added that sanctions are not only a threat to Zimbabwe, but the region at large.

“Let’s talk about trade for example, Zimbabwe does not consume everything it produces and the same applies for the other regional countries, they produce surplus and that surplus has to be sold to other countries hence countries require a trade congruent where they meet and trade and sanctions have actually affected the region in that respect.

“We are pleased that at the end of the day the region is now satisfied that the fight against sanctions is real and affects everybody. Sanctions are a weapon of mass destruction and they are corrosive as said by the President before.

“Sanctions are meant to punish a nation in order for imperialism to take charge of the economy of that particular country,” he said.

Cde Mahiya also highlighted that modalities for the anti-sanctions day will be discussed at the Former Liberation Movements summit to be held in Victoria Falls next month.


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    No one seems to be discussing what the sanctions say and conditions required to remove them. A holiday is great, August to December is a long time with no break! We could call that day anything we want. If a state imposes restrictions on another, perhaps to shame them SADC should have debated the essence/reasons for those restrictions, perhaps call a USA ambassador to their meeting and openly discuss what these so-called sanctions are, why they are there and why they must be removed. Perhaps we may want essays on the sanctions to be written by University Level students on 25th October and we give a price for the best essay, which essays we can lodge at the US embassies in the region showing reasons they must remove them by way of well researched petition. We could deposit some up here as well, if we study them and mentally agree with the facts.

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    This is exactly the kind of brain-dead thought process that holds the country back. How on EARTH is taking a holiday going to achieve anything? Uneducated warvets should be kept away from having any influence on politics or decision-making. They should be busy farming, not taking holidays. The country needs to increase production output, not reduce it.

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    Tendai 6 months ago

    The sanctions are there because the Government shot and killed people , so why is no one been prosecuted ? Maybe they should be asking what to do for these sanctions to be taken away .

    This ZANU government cannot behave in such a manner its terrible , and sanctions against the leaders is right .

    and the economy is a mess not from sanctions , but because of ZANU , they are the ones .

    They destroyed the farms and did not maintain anything , and stealing everything , diriving around in Wabenzi when people are suffering