We’ll defend ourselves against violence: Chidziva

We’ll defend ourselves against violence: Chidziva

Source: We'll defend ourselves against violence: Chidziva | Daily News

MUTARE – MDC youth leader Happymore Chidziva has warned that they are prepared to retaliate if Zanu PF resorts to violence in the run-up to the high stakes July 30 harmonised election.

Addressing almost 20 000 MDC Alliance supporters at Sakuba Stadium in Mutare on Saturday, Chidziva said Zanu PF did not have monopoly over violence.

He said people should be allowed to decide who to entrust with political power without undue influence.

“Intimidation from Zanu PF should end. I was disturbed by a video of political violence that was reportedly shot somewhere in Manicaland that has been circulating on social media.

“I want to warn Zanu PF that it does not have monopoly over violence. I want our mothers to enjoy peace. If there is someone who thinks he is invincible then we want to know if they are not born of a woman,” Chidziwa said.

He said the forthcoming election was going to be decided by young people and urged fellow youths to vote his party president Nelson Chamisa into office.

“This election is in the hands of young people. For it to succeed, we need to vote for …Chamisa. We have many reasons why we should vote for him as young people.

“The first is that he is youthful; he understands the challenges of young people; he is God-fearing; he is trustworthy and wants the total liberation of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Chidziwa said the election was a choice between good and evil.

“This election we are choosing between good and evil, comfort and continued hardship… We need to put in a president who understands the problems of the youth,” he said.

The opposition youth leader said his party was not going to stand aside when the election was being manipulated.