Zim, Rwanda in transport deal

Source: Zim, Rwanda in transport deal | Herald (Top Stories)

Minister Mhona

Herald Reporter 

Zimbabwe and Rwanda have partnered in capacity building initiatives and technical exchange programmes in transport infrastructure development.

A recent visit to Rwanda by Government officials led by Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister, Felix Mhona, saw cooperation agreements being signed between the two countries.

One such agreement was signed between the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) and Rwanda Transport Development Agency, setting a framework for exchange projects and railway development programmes between the two countries.

NRZ board chairman Advocate Martin Dinha, who was part of the delegation, confirmed the developments.

“This is an opportunity to foster and deepen relations between our two nations,” he said. “We are ready to partner in the entire establishment of a rail network.” 

The agreement will result in the creation of win-win solutions in transport infrastructure development between Zimbabwe and Rwanda.

Minister Mhona said: “We are coming from a common background and we think it is imperative to exchange notes on transport and infrastructure development.”

, said the agreement was part of a regional scope to ensure African countries benefited from the South-to-South Transport Infrastructure.

“We will come to Zimbabwe and learn from areas where you are advanced. We are strengthening friendship by our presidents,” he said.

Zimbabwe and Rwanda are signatories to a Joint Permanent Commission on Cooperation which set the tone for strengthening diplomatic and economic relations.