Zimbabwe businessman: My shelves are empty

As Zimbabwe’s economic crisis bites, one man tells the BBC how shortages are crippling his business.

Source: Zimbabwe businessman: My shelves are empty – BBC News

Victor Gurajena’s business in Zimbabwe is struggling in a dire economic environment.

He imports cosmetics and medical supplies but with limited access to foreign currency, his warehouse remains empty.

Fuel shortages and a lack of power also make life very difficult for the Harare-based businessman.

Video producer: Tendai Msiyazviriyo


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    ace mukadota 3 years ago

    farming is where the future lies comrade – not cosmetics – why must we copy these foreigners all the time – back to the fields – we have the land now to produce the food – thats the way

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    FIX THE MONEY THING 3 years ago

    The Zimbabwe businessman interviewed by BBC must be running his business on the wrong lines. The shops in my neighbourhood are very well stocked with local as well imported goods. The imported goods are very expensive but the local goods are pretty reasonable and one can always find enough food one can afford. Local vegetables and fruits are readily available, and so are other items, even meat from the expensive to the affordable. Bread made by the local bakery is half the price of that from the commercial bakeries and perfectly adequate.
    Stop “Awfulising” your life and make the best of those things that we can have.
    Make no mistake, no matter who is in charge of running the country, if they inherited the top job they would still have to FIX THE MONEY THING FIRST! Thirty seven years of borrowing money without repayment is a difficult problem to fix.
    Does anyone else have an alternative suggestion?

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    GoRobin 3 years ago

    Yes. The French managed between 1789 to 1799 to alter their destiny. So it is possible and it takes the will of the people and time to go about it.