Zimbabwe: Drop absurd charges over Mugabe tweet

Zimbabwe: Drop absurd charges over Mugabe tweet

Zimbabwe: Drop absurd charges over Mugabe tweet

Source: Zimbabwe: Drop absurd charges over Mugabe tweet | The Zimbabwean


In response to a Zimbabwean court’s decision to grant bail to Martha O’Donovan, a US citizen who was detained last week after being accused of insulting President Robert Mugabe, Amnesty International Zimbabwe Executive Director Cousin Zilala said:

“Martha O’Donovan should not have spent a single night in jail – expressing an opinion in a tweet is not a crime. Her arrest was the latest example of the Zimbabwean’s authorities’ utter contempt for freedom of expression.

“While we welcome the decision to release her, the absurd charges against Martha O’Donovan clearly don’t stand up to scrutiny and must be dropped. We fear she will not be the last to be swept up in the clampdown on social media platforms.

“We are calling on the Zimbabwean authorities to stop punishing people simply for exercising their freedom of expression. Social media users must not end up in jail simply for sharing their opinions.”


Martha O’Donovan was arrested on 3 November 2017 by the police after she was accused of “insulting” President Robert Mugabe when tweets from the @matigary Twitter account were linked to her IP address. In the tweets she called Robert Mugabe a “selfish and sick man”.

For more information or to request an interview, please contact:

Robert Shivambu, Media Manager – Amnesty International – Southern Africa on +27 83 437 5732 or robert.shivambu@amnesty.org

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  • comment-avatar
    Ndonga 8 months

    Mugabe a selfish and sick old man…?

    I think that this lady was being too kind. My description of him would have been much more accurate…

    He is a power hungry madman who believes that he was given a divine right to lead the people of Zimbabwe. In a normal and free society he would be in a place of safety to protect normal people from his madness…

  • comment-avatar
    Bill 8 months

    In Zimbabwe you will all have a good time providing you do and think as you are told.

  • comment-avatar
    him 8 months

    But you cannot be taken to court for telling the truth. He is old by any definition and his recent behavior traits indicate selfishness, as illustrated in ‘Boys own’ annual 1980 page 67 paragraph 8b.